Local needs: 40% of the congregation are irregular at meetings

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  • Quirky1

    Guilt trips! That's another reason for me to leave that un-loving cult.

    I have more fun at home than going to another meeting.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    I'm actually proud to be counted among the 40% stat! The remaining 60% should be joining us soon, if continued foul-ups from Headquarters continue on apace...

  • JH

    They elders know why I missed meetings and became irregular and inactive.

    What solution did they offer? Nothing !

  • Seeker4

    That's probably typical - 40% miss the meetings.

    They base the figure on total publishers, so it's probably higher, as usually there are quite a few who attend - kids - who are counted at attending but are not yet publishers.

    I know of only one congregation that had 100% attendance figures - my congregation for a period when I was an elder in the 1980s. It shocked the COs! Typical meeting attendance even then was 60-80%, with the highest being on Sunday and the lowest midweek.

    This local needs talk sounds familiar. It's the same one given in every congregation every year or two for decades!


  • sacolton

    Guilt-trips ... yeah. Always got a heavy dose after taking a week off ...

    "Hey, Brother, where have you been? We missed you!" (Yeah, right!)

  • NewYork44M

    Here is a solution to the irregular meeting attendance. Just cancel the meeting then you will have 100% complinace.

  • SirNose586

    Wow, that's pretty freakin' cool to have 40% of the congregation with at least some freedom of thought there!

  • sacolton

    "Are you gonna attend meetings regularly now?"


    "Say it with zeal, Brother."


    "Why don't I believe you? You missed three meetings this month. Don't you love Jehovah?"

    "NOOO!!! ... I mean, YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!"

  • Gayle

    That's why with a good shaking from the top of the organization, that there could be an exodus of many at least. With the mind-control meetings going from 310 hours down to 210 hrs a/wk it could give some the time they need to 'think'. 'Frequency' of mind control it a strong tactic of cult success.

  • ibme


    Me usually do not have anything to say about most subject,……. But ………..

    Me has to agree with Gopher on this subject, “I always loved it when they had a
    special needs part that at the meet, for those who weren’t there”. Never did get
    the point their reasoning.

    It’s like me has said many a time here on JWD and at the hall.

    90% of the elders are not educated enough for what is required of them. It’s true.

    Results -- uneducated comments.

    Me can remember as it was yesterday, back in the 60’s walking up to a servant
    an saying, “Do you realize that the ones who needed this information are not here?.

    The response, like Dick Cheney. SO.

    It appears time has not helped enough to see a change.

    Sorry, me thinkin’ me talkin’ too much.

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