to LOST fans out there (possible spoiler alert for non-US viewers)

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  • changeling

    Dang it! I need to learn to look at the country thingy! I'm in the US! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope HS doesn't read this thread, he'd have a field day with me. LOL

    I did not realize Lost was starting back tomorrow. Yipeee!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, now that I realize we are on the same page, here's my 2cents:

    They speak of the "Transatlantic 6". Well, we know Kate, Jack, Hugo, Sahib, Claire's baby and the Korean chick survive. That's your six. Ben does not count because he was not on the plane. This would leave us to believe that Claire died, because, who else did Kate get her baby?

    Of course, that's what they want us to believe, so it's probably not true at all. I mean, this is Lost we're talking about....

    changeling :)

  • Gerard
    The reason I think that Claire might die is because why else would Aaron end up with Kate,

    Maybe Charlie did not die (remember the russian won't die?) unless he leaves the island, so Claire stays.

    Also, remember that Ben is blackmailing Sayid to do what he is told, if not, his "hostage friends will be hurt."

  • Pwned

    you might be onto somthing, kind of how Michael can't die until he completes whatever mission the Island has in store for him

  • rmt1

    The historical Michael Farady was the first to liquify chlorine gas. During the Crimean War, the British asked him if he would help produce large quantities of poison gas, and he refused. At no time as yet have we heard that the non-Oceanic 6 are actually dead. For all evidence presented, they are still on the island and only the Oceanic 6 have come to be known about as survivors. What is really neat about LOST is that the writers keep increasing the stakes of the game so that there might actually be a sympathetic reason for wanting most of the literal survivors to actually remain on the island. The writers have just about every character intersect with every other character. This can be silly or sobering. Check out 'strange attractor' and 'lorenz attractor', and the coincidences might switch from being silly and campy to 'OMG'. Particularly the recent scene where Widmore lets Desmond contact Penny. It may only be coincidence, or, Widmore may have foreknowledge. A friend believes the coffin could be Michael, as she saw evidence of it being a black urban neighborhood. Watch for a Richard Alpert / Black Rock / Charles Widmore connection.

  • crazyblondeb

    ONE hour to go!!!!!

    Anyone else seen it yet?????

  • Pwned

    3 hours to go here, sucks. don't forget they changed the time to 10pm EST/9pm central.

  • IP_SEC

    It is my firm belief that Jin will not make it back alive.

  • crazyblondeb
    3 hours to go here, sucks. don't forget they changed the time to 10pm EST/9pm central.


    Tell me it ain't so..........been sitting here waiting for 8:oopm

  • crazyblondeb

    Crap......still waiting!!!!

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