Reasons for change in meetings and book study

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  • moshe

    I went to a book study this past winter and I will say the meeting was bo-oring and had only of the elderly and single parent types in attendance. Let's cram some more people into the KH to make it appear to outsiders that the KH is a vibrant place full of happy-happy JW's.

  • yknot

    Thanks JWR... Emoticon - Kiss

    Glad to have you on the forum!

    If you can keep'em coming, many R&F in my area are betting (yea as in cash) how many mainstream-ish changes will be made within the year.

  • WTWizard

    Something tells me that they are getting ready to impose evening field circus on the witlesses. Eliminating the boasting session allows everyone, who is supposed to already have Tuesday evenings off, to go out in field circus. It could become mandatory, where anyone that is not out in field circus on Tuesday evening will get a call from Brother Hounder.

    This would allow the witlesses to bug people in the middle of dinner. It would also get them at home (hopefully, while their computer is on, and they can cross-reference it on the spot). For sure, it is not to save gas or to give the God machines time off.

  • chickpea


    i cant believe it is all about gas prices, but wouldnt rule it out completely as a factor....

    i have to vote control over what spin the messages/changes take..... party.line.PERIOD.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    Thanks for all your information. Don't let Minimus put you off....many of us here aren't second-guessing your contributions. And you don't have to reveal anything you don't want to. I, for one, am all ears. Any more tidbits, not about yourself, but about planned 'adjustments' in the future? Looking forward to hearing much more from you!

  • journey-on

    From what I glean from conversations with my sister, they are really pushing people to pioneer, even if it's just auxiliary.

    With daylight savings time kicking in soon (and there is talk of increasing it by 1 hr.) there will be several hours available

    to them. They want more people out there in service, and weekends are just not enough, especially for those with family


  • 95stormfront

    Gas Prices.....

    why would the WT organization care about gas's not like it's being charged back to them as an expense. They couldn't give a fat rat's a$$ how much it's costing the r\f to roll around all day doing busywork, just as long as they continue to do it.

    they'd just better shut up and like it!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The change won't accommodate field circus if it starts in January around here. After 5pm it's cold, dark, and people will really think JWs are stuuuupid to be out doorknocking. And as the pattern starts then, so it will continue through the year.

    Similarly, when the Pubic Talks were shortened to 30 min, they said it would allow the extra time for field circus. I haven't seen any increases related to that change. The only increase in activity locally was with the memorial tract campaign. Service was dumbed down so much that even Bubbles the Smoking Chimp could aux. pioneer by throwing scraps of paper at houses.

    I think this is an admission that they're losing grip from top to bottom, which will only weaken further without the direct attention and responsibility of the CBSOs.

    B the X

  • garybuss

    The book study home locations here in my corner of the United States were called "service centers". All service was done out of that location. Tuesday evening we met at 6:30, did door to door literature sales until 7:45, then we had the book study at 8pm. Wednesday evening we met at the "service center" for back call night and we did back calls for 2 hours.

    Thursday evening we arrived at the hall at 6:45, the meeting started at 7:30 and usually ended at 10:00pm. Saturday morning we met back at the "service center" at 9:00 am and did door to door magazine sales until noon. Summers we went out all day a lot.

    Sunday morning in the summer we met again at the "service center" and spent all day in door to door direct sales with the literature "special" for the month, usually a hard bound book and three booklets for a quarter. Sunday evening we were back at the Hall for the talk, smoke break, and then the Watchtower magazine study. That meeting also went till 10:00 pm.

    We never met at the Hall for service unless the traveling sales manager was visiting, then it was only Saturday mornings. The sales manager was called circuit servant, and would visit one "service center" and go in the sales work with the sales people assigned to that group.

    The "service center" locations were selected pragmatically. They were put in the homes of members with "weak" sales reports because it put pressure on them to go with the group that met in their homes 4 times a week. That tactic worked pretty well. We even had "service center" locations in homes where nobody in the whole host family were baptized Witnesses. That wasn't at all uncommon here.

    Kingdom Hall meetings were to pick up new supplies of literature to sell and to learn about the new literature offered for sale and to learn sales pitches and sales tactics like objection defeat. We always offered the literature as non-denominational.

    All through the 50's we expected Armageddon any day.

    Being a Witness just sucked!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Yep Gary, those were the good ole days that the WTBTS still yearns for. Gathering up all that loose change into Brooklyn, dubs blindly following the mantra, "the end is soooo close". Those days are over.

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