Mac or PC?

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  • LouBelle

    it depends I guess. If it's just for office use and that stay with your pee cee. I prefer macs for design / graphic work - it's a personal thing - I think they just are more capablities.

  • imissmaine

    I know the Mac and PC quite well. For general every day use I much prefer the PC. Macs are fun and pretty, but don't find them to be as useful as a PC.

    Despite what most everyone thinks, Macs are definitely vulnerable to viruses and have a plentiful amount of security flaws. Macs were never targeted for viruses because they only have a few % market share of total computers in the world. With its new found popularity and increased market share it is becoming a bigger target, therefore people are creating viruses that will attack its known OS vulnerabilities.

    Just a few months ago, someone won $10,000 for hacking in to the new Mac Air laptop in under 2 minutes. There were a large number of security patches released last year for the Mac as well.

    No matter what you select you will have to deal with security flaws and viruses.


  • brinjen

    Currently a PC user, switching over to Macs for a few reasons. Vista for one, what a lemon that one is turning out to be. Also because multimedia design is my main interest with computers, I'm hoping to eventually gain employment in that field, and well, walk into a Production Office and try to find a Windows system. Macs are so much better for graphic design.

    As to JWD hating Macs, not true. You can bold, underline, use emoticons on Macs too, you just need the html code to do so rather than have a set of pre-designed icons that do it for you.

  • brinjen

    Making this post from my Mac, a G4 350Mhz running Panther (Mac X 10.3.9) under Firefox.

    bold text

    Cheats guide right here;

  • JK666


    It all depends what you do with the computer. If you stay with the PC, do not upgrade to Vista. I gave it a chance on my desktop that came with it, and it causes too many headaches and compatibility problems. Stick with XP Pro.


  • hotchocolate

    After many years of deliberation, I bit the bullet and went for the Mac. All I can say is:


    I still remember my regular tantrums over the PC's I've had throughout the years, no matter how much money I spent, there was always freezing and slowness. Turning on the computer and then going to get a cuppa while it warmed up, whereas Mac is up in a second. And no virus software!

    There are a few things you will find tricky, that's usually programs that haven't yet been Macked, what I did was purchased Parallels software which means I can run Windows on the same computer. This will mean another purchase of an operating system obviously, if you can manage to track down a copy of Windows XP instead of Vista I would highly recommend it. Having the access to Windows is handy, but you'll soon work out that it's the only thing that really screws with your computer, and I personally try to run it as little as possible..

    Once you go Mac, you never go back. :-)


    EDITED (again) TO ADD: I'm not sure about the PM issues amongst Mac users.. we don't have access to smileys or picture insertion etc, but I've always been able to send and receive PMs on JWD.

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