a situation I know of and the mind set of the elders.

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  • OnTheWayOut

    You have great comments here so far. As a former elder that was supposed to make these calls, let me say that the the best answer may be that they are busy and don't want to waste efforts on a "lost cause." It could also be that one elder is the assumed person to do this call- probably the one whose field recruiting group she is assigned to, and he just figures she doesn't want to be bothered. It could be that she is a woman and a secondary member of the JW's.

    I want to address this differently. I was there. I wasn't entirely left alone for the first few years, but pretty much. I knew why in my case. I was a "doubter" whose thoughts could shake their beliefs. They knew that I already knew how to use the publications to find answers. But I was there. I was a bit concerned about them not wanting to "save" me and help me. It's a normal thing. If you didn't want to go to a wedding, you would still want to be invited. That's the kind of feeling we are talking about.

    What you need to do is get over that yourself by recognizing that Watchtower is a dangerous mind control cult. What that means is that you are only useful to the group when you are a productive member. Once that ends, they don't waste much time on you. Despite the elders not knowing all this, they react the same way. Deep down, they may feel they are bothering a person to try to get them back in the fold, they may feel they have no real answers to help such a person, but deeper down- they just want to help the good little sheep that are still productive members to stay that way.

    Use their lack of follow-up to recognize that they are not the wonderful caring representatives of God on earth that they claim to be. Recognize that this is a system-wide problem among Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • _Morpheus

    Another former elder here, ditto to all the above.

    its not personal, its not because your a woman. Its an unpaid job on their part and you get what you pay for... If you wernt in the cluiqe your just not on the radar much when you fade away....

  • Phizzy

    Mrs Phizzy and I were amazed when we did not get a visit. We were both born-in, and had attended Meetings for near six decades, we walked away, and not a peep for months.

    I got a visit in the end because I had spoken to someone I thought I could trust, who then blabbed to the Elders and they thought they could easily trap me into showing myself to be Apostate. I fobbed them off.

    But for my big mouth, I am sure we would have gone a lot longer than the months we did. The Elders only make it a priority if the C.O tells them to.

    Shepherds of the Flock they ain't.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    We've had no offers of a shepherding call since we moved congs last year - thank goodness.

    A combination of zero F.S., infrequent meeting attendance, and virtually no exchange of information with others, has made up the Elders' minds not to waste time on us! :)

  • the comet
    the comet
    I'd say I pretty much agree with all the comments. She'll probably get a call just before or after the c.o. visit. unless somebody asks/tells/bothers the elders to check up on her, they'll just leave her alone.
  • joe134cd
    Like I said to her and I parrot on here. I'm just amazed at an organization that is so Hell bent on knocking on doors trying to recruit new members and yet will do relatively nothing to retain it's membership. You guys have kind of backed up my comments to her.
  • Oubliette
    She should be thankful!
  • sparrowdown

    What happened to the good old days when publishers were mercilessly hunted down and given an offer they couldn't refuse ie: We can do zis zee hard vay or zee easy vay, so, come back now or ve vill find something to disfellowship you for.

  • prologos
    vvverie interestink ,--or, as was the procedure in one "book study" location, any missing person was noted, and a publisher assigned or "volunteered" to make an immediate "why-were-you-not-there" can we help?, call /visit.
  • stillin
    Why bother with all of that coming and talking with you when they can just toss off a little prayer and have a clean conscience?

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