Book study reminiscing - what was your memorable bookstudy experience.

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  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I must admit to feeling a bit nostalgic, sentimental now about the loss of the good old home book study arrangement.

    There are many rather pleasant memories coming to the mind of various homes I attended for the book study. I can still remember vividly most of them.

    It had a warm, convivial, family feel about it. When it was over we all enjoyed sitting around and just chilling and chatting like normal, friendly people. For the bookstudy to end feels like what a poster said on another thread: a bit like the death of a friend. Then again, Oompa made the funny observation:

    Oh yeah, we will miss Sis. Wilbersons basement painted Pepto-Pink, and the wonderful scent of moth balls wafting through the air....the drone of the window air unit and the distant tinkle of the run-on terlit................goodby good times..............oompa

    My most memorable experiences at the bookstudy are when people got the giggles badly. I'm not quite sure if it is a pleasant or horrid memory. It wasn't anything really unique - a friend farted quite loudly on a plastic seat and three young people could not control their giggling and had to leave. My friend, the poor bastard, later lamented that he was in agony from gas build up (a common plight during meetings it seems) and so deliberately tried to sneak one out for a bit of relief. But alas, to his and everyone else's mortification and gleeful amusement, it was a short, sharp fart of the high pressure type that was magnified by the plastic seat this brother was squirming on. A costly error. The conductor was an Amish type former special pioneer and boy was he not amused. So funny. What are your best (or most horrid) book study memories?


  • fokyc

    1959 - Chiswick congregation in London; we were quite new to the truth and were asked to have the BS in our house, we thought this was wonderful, big clean and tidy up job,

    NOBODY turned up and NOBODY ever explained why, we were just too young and naive to ask why.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    BS to me was BS. I had one at my home for years. There was always goodies at the end. One night I thought, what the f&^k, no goodies. After a years of providing a banquet of desserts I finally said no. They all cleared out in 5 minutes. It was sick. They looked, saw no desserts, and left immediately. I never provided this again until they moved my BS

  • lisavegas420

    When we had the book study at our house growing up, I remember that I was responsible for setting up all the folding chairs and placing them in rows in the livingroom. My dad still sat on his big comfy chair, but me mom and my sis had to sit on the folding chairs.

    I remember a kid sitting on our couch...picking his nose and wiping the boogers on the couch.

    Then afterwards, I was responsible for folding up and putting the chairs away.


  • oompa



  • Casper

    We also used to have the BS in our home...

    The most memorable was when the group gave, my Hubby and I, a "Surprise Anniversary party", right after the study.

    Those were the days when a little "FUN" was allowed...


  • R.Crusoe

    Being at a 'sisters' house who was expert at playing the host but behind your back kniving with agendas, and 'WatchTower Corectness' ! Effectively subliminally and relentlessly feeding conflict where it previously were dissipating. Real WT stallwart!

    Plus the hum dinger about some Biblical trumpet blasts and how one of then was surely this talk in England in the 30s and how all JWs were proud god showed his truth through them through trumpets like that one! Erm.... and the hostess never flinched - whether she agreed or not she new when to lie down and think of England!

    So many sweet company JWs misleading newbies by their very essence and party line witnessing.

  • dawg

    Old sister blank trying to sit in a folding chair that had been removed just seconds prior. She had the nicest pair of granny panties I've seen in years, and no one could help but laugh... LOL!

  • momzcrazy

    I too grew up with the bookstudy at my house. I hated missing Solid Gold and Little House, but afterwards my friends and I went outside or downstairs to play. We also had field service at our house, up until I got DF'd. There were people there all the time. They would bring their lunches and eat in our kitchen.


  • dogisgod

    I think the book study was my fav. It was doable. That's where you would really get to know people. We had one at our house. And yes farting was the best part. I still crack up (so to speak) when people fart. She's 89 and farts ALL the time. She totally ignores it. Maybe it helps propel her.

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