Did you ever love Jehovah more than anything else?

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  • LouBelle

    I did love Jehovah for a time above all else - I gave up a hellofa lot. Then that faded because I couldn't understand that god - now that I'm a more spiritual person I hold a deep respect for God, a deep love for him and an inner joy.

    Yup I'm of the "I still believe in God" class,.

  • reniaa

    I still love Jehovah and still find it hard to accept other religions who would have us give that love to jesus instead although I love him too but I love jehovah more.

    I find being a Jw or not (as I am atm) doesn't effect my love of jehovah but still cannot find a religion other than witnesses who allow for any sort of relationship with him as Jehovah.

  • oompa

    I wanted to, but it was like trying to laugh a joke that just wasnt funny....you open your mouth...but nothing comes out.......oompa

  • nomoreguilt

    I tried at first to have a relatioship with him, like they asked you to. However, I found it hard to do that because I didn't feel the reciprical response to my overtures. I didn't feel the connection, like I had the phone in my hand and was talking into the mouth piece and I wasn't hearing anything at the other end of the line. After awhile I realized that there was no one there.

    The org would tell you that your prayers are answered as long as they are in line with kingdom interests. Well, they were, i was doing everything that I felt was required of me by god and I recieved nothing in return. Hence, no ANSWER.....no GOD. Prove me wrong.


  • dinah

    I always thought he was just mean.

  • JH

    It's hard to love someone we can't see or can't have a mutual converstation.

    At this stage, love is actually fear, fear to be destroyed and miss eternal life.

    If we were deep into the new system, and felt God's love and saw his blessings, it would be easier and natural to develop a great attachement for God.

    But since we see injustices of all kinds, and prayers not answered, the question should be: Does God love us?

  • Casper

    I tried, I really tried.

    But, I found it hard to deal with a God, that under the right circumstances, would expect me to let my children die...


  • R.Crusoe

    Newbies should beware of this one!!

    They try to get you thinking it will be a while till you can ever love god as much as they do!

    And its another ploy to get you even deeper and deeper till you cant get out.

    Deception on a very personal level - as if thy have a greater love for god than you do??

    Frequently deluded by their own family cliques who all think they are 'WT ROYALS'

    Its why I laugh every time I take a !)ump and especially the laughing faces in the waste material - everyones a WT puppet flushing their rotting neurons where only they can go.

  • shopaholic

    I really tried but never did. I use to really admire folks that would truly rely on Jehovah because they loved him so much. I very rarely prayed to him and knew that if we hit persecution, I would be one those that would denounce him for my freedom or my life.

    I remember when a JW family came over with their children. The JW father asked his child who did she love more him or Jehovah. She said Jehovah. Everyone was so impress that a 3-year-old had established such loyalty. Its like they didn't realize that this 3-year-old she didn't have a reason for loving Jehovah and she was simply repeating what her parents told her.

    This is true event that happened when visiting my sister. We were cooking in the kitchen and her daughter was on the floor doodling with her crayons. I guess she wanted to demonstrate her teaching skills. During a lull in our conversation, she started talking to her 4-year-old.

    My sister: Lina, who do you love more - Jehovah or mommy?

    Lina: Mommy

    My sister: No, you love Jehovah more. Lina, who do you love more - Jehovah or mommy?

    Lina: Mommy.

    My sister: No Lina, you're suppose to love Jehovah more than me and more than Daddy.

    Lina: More than my grannies too?

    My sister: Yes, more than your grannies too. So who do you love more than anyone else?

    Lina: Hmmm.......Auntie Shopoholic? (this absolutely true...I want to LOL but I just maintained that pioneer half-smile)

    My sister: (walksover and kneels down to be on eye level with her daughter) No, Lina. When someone asks you who love the most you're suppose to say Jehovah. Okay, so it's Jehovah that you love the most. So you do you love the more that than anyone else?

    Lina: ...Jehovah?

    My sister: That's riiiiiight. You love Jehovah more than else anyone else.

    Lina: Mommy, you love Jehovah more than me and daddy?

    I've seen other conversations similar to this one during my time with the JWs and sometimes it was with an adult bible student. Its not really a feeling for most JWs, its just a "fact" that they love Jehovah more than anything. I never remember my mom having that conversation with me. Maybe that's why I would later end up on JWD

  • Casper


    That's "Brainwashing" in it's purest form... I never did that to my children either. Guess, that's why I'm also here and they are out

    of the Borg...


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