I Feel Lost

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  • insearchof

    I'm a JW in good standing.I was born a JW.My Dad was an elder for about 15 years but he stoped going to the hall about 3 years ago.But I have doubts about the org.Basically I don't think that we are living in the end,I don't think the earth will ever be a paradise.It really don't seem logical to me.Anyway I feel like I'm having an inner fight between what I was raised to be and what I now believe.the only reason why I still go to the meeting is because of my mom and husband.I came here because I think that everyone here can help me.

  • wings


    Feel free to vent, whatever you need.

    Glad you found us!


  • serotonin_wraith

    Hi! I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness too. One of the things I thought about growing up was this: What if my parents had been Catholic? Would I believe in Catholic teachings? What if they'd been Muslims? Would I now believe in Allah? I soon came to see that yes, my beliefs had come from where I just happened to be born. I'd need good reasons for believing a particular religion, and childhood indoctrination isn't a good reason. I stopped wanting to be a mind victim of upbringing, and I got working on freeing my mind instead.

  • Zico

    "I came here because I think that everyone here can help me."

    You've got that right. :)


  • SPAZnik

    You are here.

  • oompa

    Welcome insearchof! I still feel a good bit lost too. A good point has already been make....like you I inherrited my faith...I did not really choose it. If you had been born in Saudi Arabia you would be wearing a burka. The most important thing to do is settle some issues in your own mind, and that does take time, reasearch and knowledge. In my opinion, no religion should EVER discourage one from looking or studying WHATEVER they want to in order to thoroughly understand something.

    You may not find all your answers here, but no one here will fault you for looking.....good luck.........oompa

  • Quirky1

    Welcome insearchof...You are not alone!


  • changeling

    Hey darlin!


    You say you don't believe we are in the "last days", well guess what, neither does the Society! Did you read Sunday's Watchtower? The "generation" of Matt. 24 that will see the end is now the annointed-anytime, anywhere-. They then say, "the end is near", but theoretically it could go on forever, who would know? Everybody's dead! Ha!

    Seriously, you are on the right track. The "truth" is no such thing. Hang around and get to know us and may I suggest you go to the "Best Of" section on this site to zero in on issues that may interest you.

    Again, welcome,

    changeling :)

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Welcome ISO,

    I was raised a JW too, and even made it to Gilead... but you're much smarter than me.. It took me going to Gilead to realize what you've realized.

    I agree, there is no basis for teaching about the last days or about a paradise earth. (Just look up the word paradise in the insight book, and it appears 4 times in the NWT. 3 times it refers to heaven, and the 4th is Lu23:43, where now supposedly it applies to the earth. Howzat? If all the other paradisaical references are celestial, how can this one be earthly? An arbitrary doctrine.)

    There's plenty more to say. Keep on reading.... JWD will help to clean your mind...

    [email protected]

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Heart goes out to you. Difficult situation to be in. People here are lovely though and will be more than willing to help….

    Hang in there…



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