Interesting Book Study Stories

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  • dinah

    Sister elder just saw that in a movie. I tried the spin cycle didn't work. NEXT

  • CoonDawg

    Once, when I was about 3, my dad for some unkown reason bought my brother and I some toy trucks. They were Tonka trucks. At the next bookstudy, after discussing "Jesus Rice" and such things, finally the meeting was over. The conductor asked if there were any announcements before prayer. I held up my hand and the brother called on me whereupon I announced "My dad got me a new tonka truck!" - My mother was mortified. Everyone else laughed.

    When I was older, our bookstudy was held just around the corner. There was a trailer house on the corner who had one side facing our house and the end with the master bedroom next to the home where the bookstudy was held. At the time we lived in Kansas and they use those big "watercoolers" (a.k.a. Swamp-Coolers). The home where the study was held had theirs facing the master bedroom window of the trailer house. As we were going through some particularly un-interesting portion of the Family Life book, we all began to notice the sickly sweet smell of the burning sticky ganja. It finally got so strong we couldn't ignore it and we couldn't turn off the water cooler because it was a hot summer evening and that was the nearest thing to A/C. We ended up cutting the study short and many of us joked that we needed to have "goody night" that night. It was too funny.

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