Interesting Book Study Stories

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  • Pwned

    sometimes instead of having one reader my father would have evryone take turns, it was painful listening to some people read.

  • undercover

    More memories...

    We had one old conductor who was around when Rutherford was president. In fact this brother had done jail time back about the same time as Rutherford and his cronies.

    Anyway this brother used to love to tell stories about the old days. A couple of us kids figured out that if we got him off the subject he would spend half the meeting talking about the old days with sound cars, phonographs and jail (this was before the Society had assigned portions that had to be studied each week). So we would make a comment that would jog his memory about being young (we learned which buttons to push) and off he would go into yesteryear.

    It was great. He'd get to reminiscing, everyone would get drowsy and fall asleep and then before you knew it, it was time to pray and go outside and play.

  • babygirl75
    My favorite, upon favorite book study story was the mentally ill brother (no offense) who needed to change his medication, but didn't know it at the time, who was asked to read the last paragraph of the material, at which time, he proceeded to read like he was performing Shakespeare, with different voices for the Jehovah and for each bible verse. I never laughed so hard in my life.

    Layla...that story is hillarious.

    The only thing I can think of right now, is we had this old lady that had these disgustingly long toe nails and would wear panty hose with sandals and you couldn't help but see her feet...anyway, she would scream out things in the middle of the book study. Her favorite line was "Whatcha mean?" when she didn't understand something....

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    When I was a young-un, My friends had BS at thier house. The conductor's wife was... well... huge. She insisted on sitting on the same side of the couch every week. After a few weeks thier couch had caved in. I mean, it was super noticeable. Did she move and choose a wooden chair perhaps? Nope. Kept sitting there.

    I'm sure they'd be glad to know there are no more home BS. Well, I don't think any of them go to the Hall except one daughter. Oh well One out of five isn't so bad.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    For awhile I had the book study in my home...understand this place was in a converted store front in a residential neighborhood...600sq ft tops.... real high ceilings, huge glass window in the front door....oversize door.... the "house" consisted of a large front room with a small closet..this was my living room, bedroom (sleeper sofa), office..., then a tiny kitchen (you stepped up on step since the plumbing was under that floor), then back down a step to the rear entry the left of that (behind the kitchen) was a tiny bathroom..barely room for the sink, toilet and shower. I tell you this so you know something about what kind of place we had it.

    They were desparate for book study locations so believe me when I say it was "last resort" to hold it at my driveway parking....they had to ...horror of horrors!!...HAD TO PARK ON THE STREET...MAYBE EVEN WALK HALF A BLOCK...OMG! (we were a town congo, but they would have died in the city...NYC, etc...where I once walked a mile through Bensonhurst to get to a KH because there was no parking lot if I recall...or tiny lot if there was)

    I often remember people tripping over that little ledge to the kitchen....the front room was "cozy" but we still managed to get 15 people there if everyone showed up..which they often did. One brother liked my old hand-me-down heavy solid chair with the ugly burnt orange cushions....that was "his" seat..... you know, I still have that damn chair...sit in it everyday when I watch TV..... good memories...chair probably needs to be retired....

    Of course, field circus was held at my house every Saturday morning except first Saturday...despite the fact that I got off work at UPS at 2am and often wouldnt be home and asleep until 3 or 4...I couldnt convince the leders to hold service elsewhere One morning, I awoke with a start as someone was banging on my door...855am.... It was the Book Study Overseer.... wanting in for circus meeting. Of course, I was sleeping on the couch in my PJs..... I told him they couldnt hold it there that morning. He said there is no time to call everyone (this was pre-cell phone days...most people didnt have them then) I told him I am sorry (through the blinds of the window), but I am not dressed properly.. So about a dozen publishers were standing around outside on the sidewalk, going through the whole daily text, with comments, then a practice presentation, then car groups, then prayer. Talk about a "public spectacle".... I have often wondered what the black folks across the street at the old time Baptist Church were thinking as they looked out and seen this (mostly) white group of well dressed individuals with books and book bags in their hands...arriving in 6 different cars and leaving in 3 different cars..... and then coming back 2 1/2 hours later and getting back in the 6 cars and leaving...probably thought..."what are those crazy white folks doing?" LOL....

    Seems that the BS session was moved not long after that...LOL

    Snakes ()

  • Layla33
    sometimes instead of having one reader my father would have evryone take turns, it was painful listening to some people read.

    Did I know your father, were we in the same congregation? (Or was this a common practice?). The way some people butchered the English language was sad indeed.

  • dinah

    This isn't a book study story, but it's kinda funny. During the TMS one night a little 3 year-old girl went to sleep and wet her pants. The hall had plain old folding chairs and a tile floor. It was LOUD!!! Of course, I got tickled and started laughing, so my mom took me outside until I could get ahold of myself.

    Once my best friend farted and I died laughing.

    If something is funny to me, I just can't hold it in.

  • Ex-smoker

    Great stories guys keep them coming

    Speaking of butchering the english language we have this one bro in are bs group that you cannot understand unless hes giving a straight comment from the paragraph and even then its still difficult.

    There was also this one time when this brother was giving a comment about how we dont claim to know everything(which jws sometimes think they have an answer for everything at that exact moment while he was saying that the loudest thunder sounded. Kinda like go was saying something.

    There was also a time after i did a bible reading that the bs conducter had me read that week. Only thing was i wasnt baptized, must've slipt his mind.

  • Pwned

    @Layla - i was in a spanish congregation so I don't think it was the same one. @Ex-Smoker - that reminds me one of the worst consequences of getting baptized at age 12 for me was that for the next 4 years until i started fading i was stuck doing the prayer at the bible study or was in the running anyway, usually there were only 3-4 baptized bros including my dad and i.

  • skeeter1

    I remember Elder's Wife, Sister Lut**********, analyzing improper sex to "sitting on a washing machine". I was 12 at the time, and hadn't a clue of what she was talking about. But, it made for an interesting pre-pubic imagination as to what the wonder's of adult sexuality were there to explore.

    Same Sister Lut******* also spilled her purse (thanks to her toddler). All sorts of female unmentionables tumbled to the floor. One was a pack of BC pills. Guess, she didn't want any more kids after the toddler.


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