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  • Ex-smoker

    With the news that the book study arrangement might be going away, alot of memories come flying back. We used to have the study in our house for a couple of years and every week we had to clean our messy house so that it would look spic and span that night. The cleaning Sweeping, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuming it was such a pain. I remember sometimes i would fake sick just so i didnt have to be there and i had to hide in my room with no tv, music or nothing, whenever i had to go to the bathroom while hiding-out i felt like i was sneaking there so no one would hear me.

    I cant remember anything else Really Interesting so i'd like to here your Book Study Stories

  • snowbird

    As I mentioned on one of the other threads about the BS, my sister and I used to walk to this elderly sister's house.

    Her yard was quite overgrown with foliage with a narrow passageway to the back entrance.

    One evening as we walked to her door, a lizard slipped unnoticed down the back of my sister's blouse. My sister said she felt something brush against the skin of her neck, but she thought it was only a branch swaying in the evening breeze.

    Well, Mr. Lizard decided to wait until the opening prayer before making his presence known. He scuttled out of my sister's blouse and up into her hair and almost scared the blackness out of her! She screamed and rear backward in her chair and would have crashed had it not been for a strong young brother catching her.

    Don't you know that was a very short prayer! We all laughed and snickered throughout the study. It was so hilarious! You would have had to be there to really appreciate it.


  • sacolton

    Did the sister happen to use the Lords name in vain?

  • Tuesday

    I remember once the conductor's son was playing around with a sister's keys and thought she had perfume attached to it. It was pepper spray though, and everyone had to leave the room because we were all coughing so much.

  • dinah


    That is tooooo funny!! Scared the blackness outta her, huh? Had that happened to me, I'm sure there would have been curse words screamed out during the prayer.

    We had ours in a family's house that had roaches, lots and lots of roaches. The study conductor would be flickin' them off while the paragraphs were being read. It was moved to another sister's house with an alcoholic UBM who was in the basement watching tv. We could hear him stumbling around down there. I think we all ended up having to go to the Hall.

    There were no sisters with doilies on their heads.

  • Pwned

    I know of a family who's house was robbed by a teenager who stole a spare key while at the bookstudy. He broke in on a meeting night when he knew no one would be home.

    We had an old guy who always wore his pants to high and he was the reader so he was facing everyone, well his prostate enlarged balls were visible to everyone, it was disgusting.

  • undercover

    When I was a kid, we missed the book study one time when the home hosting the study was overcrowded and the husband was trying to rearrange chairs for everyone. His wife who had already put her books in a chair and assumed her chair was still there and went to sit down...but he had moved the chair.

    She sat down but fell backwards and hit her head on the wall and was knocked unconscience. They had to call an ambulance and take her to the emergency room. Since her whole family accompanied her, we all had to leave their house.

    I felt bad for the sister, but was glad the meeting was canceled.

    I heard of a brother who had the book study in his home and one family that attended had some unruly children. One child would always go to the bathroom during the meeting and it was discovered that he was rummaging through the medicine cabinet. Nothing stolen, just being nosy. So the brother filled the cabinet with ping-pong balls(I don't know how he did it without spilling them himself) and when the kid went in and started rummaging, everyone could hear the dozen or so ping-pong balls bouncing around on the tile floor. Needless to say his parents were mortified and everyone got a good laugh.

  • Layla33

    Ah, cake night, loved it.

    The man that not only fell asleep but was snoring so loud, he had to be woken up. Oh, that was my step-father.

    My favorite, upon favorite book study story was the mentally ill brother (no offense) who needed to change his medication, but didn't know it at the time, who was asked to read the last paragraph of the material, at which time, he proceeded to read like he was performing Shakespeare, with different voices for the Jehovah and for each bible verse. I never laughed so hard in my life.

    Also, remember it being so hot in a book study we nearly died of heat exhaustion.

    I still remember it with a sigh and a smile...

  • Hope4Others
    perfume attached to it. It was pepper spray though

    Lol very humorous!

    One incident I recall is one little girl forever going to the bathroom and would be in there for quite a while, after one night I went into

    tidy up and noticed the wall paper had been picked at the seams in lots of places. Wall paper fetish I guess, I did have to rip it down I could not

    repair it, this was back when wall paper was THE thing! We had a lot of stuff wrecked.


  • snowbird

    Yes, the memories are something else. Things were soooo different then.


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