God's Plan

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  • serotonin_wraith

    Memory problems?

    Didn't you read this:

    I'm not saying God exists, I'm assuming he does in this thread for the questions that raises.

    You ask:

    Who is begging for special treatment?

    My answer, there in front of your eyes:

    Some religious people

    You say:

    What you cannot do is project your circular and dishonest reasoning and be immune from criticism yourself.

    By your own beliefs, sure I can. If your god is real, all I do is part of his plan. Telling me to stop is like trying to put the brakes on God's plan. Tut tut.

    after I proved from your own words that you have no morals whatsoever

    Luckily for you, I'm in a good mood. Otherwise, I'd have taken offense at that and gone off to murder a baby.

    Since you clearly demonstrated that your idea of right conduct changes with whatever your current whim is, then there is no way for you to declare yourself "good" as you have done.

    No whim. I don't go against this: Causing the least amount of suffering, while keeping in mind our species' survival at a particular moment in time.

    If I cause suffering with no good reason, I've gone on a whim. I don't say the rules have changed.

    I'm sorry you think I'm immoral. Maybe one day the police will put me away for my not having a criminal record throughout my 26 years of life.

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