What Have I Missed Since I've Been Away This Past Week???

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • SPAZnik

    perhaps OTWO could give us a weekly summary every week!!! Well done! :D

  • minimus

    I think I'll ask a question tomorrow.

  • Blueblades

    Welcome back Mini! Did you take any picture? I know that you will get to the bottom of all this secrecy about announcements etc. Also check out Leoleola ( spelling wrong ) she did a great job on this past sunday's Watchtower study concerning the new light and understanding about the never ending "GENERATION" changes. We missed you, and that's not kingdom hall love bombing. We really missed you at a time when all this watchtower spinning was going on. So, go ahead and get in touch with your contacts and let's here from you real soon about all of this .


  • minimus

    Hey Blue. I hope all's well, my friend. My contacts are not as good as they used to be since I'm pretty much "faded" in the eyes of all. Personally, I think JWs really will be ultimately happy of this new arrangement and why not???

  • RubaDub

    Yes Minimus ...

    The ones I have mentioned this to (even one MS and a pioneer) seemed very positive about it. Much less of a burden on poorer ones.

    Let's face it, by the time you start to get dressed, travel, sit for an hour, then go through the same steps in reverse, you have taken an entire evening. All of that for a one hour study of a book that we have been through 3 times before.

    Except for some older ones that have a morning book study and view it as a day to visit with friends, most will view the new arrangement as a relief.

    Rub a Dub

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