What Have I Missed Since I've Been Away This Past Week???

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Can I have some Convention Highlights please??

  • cognac

    Bookstudy is going to be combined with service meeting/ TMS meeting.

    PS. Missed you!

  • DT

    It's been a big week. I don't think a simple summery will suffice. You'll just have to spend some time catching up. Welcome back.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Armageddon was moved up to possibly "any minute now" at the WT study because
    they finally changed the "Generation" doctrine officially as it was covered this weekend.

    Meanwhile, they started a huge buzz on JWD about the "BIG" announcement that
    dubs are supposed to hear after the WT study on April 27th. It has been virtually
    confirmed that they are going to eliminate the home book study and combine that
    meeting with the TMS/Serv. Mtg, making each a bit shorter.

    We had a great thread on whether fake breasts were better than smaller real breasts

    Cognac was supposed to be shepherded by two elders because her family was concerned
    about her and ratted her out. She used depression to keep the elders at bay and met with
    only one elder who tried to be understanding of her "depressed" situation. Before the meeting,
    Cognac was considering letting them DF her, but now she is making headway with her
    husband, so will probably just keep fading.

    The Pope visited the United States and asked about you, Minimus.
    A polygamist cult in Texas had 416 children taken away from their mothers while they iron out
    what to do for them.
    There were plenty of newbies to ask plenty of questions, so we got along without you somehow, Min.

  • minimus

    Thanks Cognac....tell me more!! Also I want to still be lazy, DT.

  • minimus

    Thanks, OTWO, I sense my worth here (to you).

    Cognac, good for you!!!!

  • Priest73

    I hope you got a sun burn on your "No-No Special Place" =-p

  • OnTheWayOut
    Thanks, OTWO, I sense my worth here (to you).

    Oh, I definitely need other high-numbers posters here.
    Nvrgnbk, Changeling, Purplesofa, and Open Mind cut back.

    I need you, Minimus. The fewer of us there are, the more
    pathetic I look, because I haven't moved on to life outside of
    dwelling on the WTS.

    OH, there was a thread about some new exciting TRACT to
    be used in a special campaign this October. It's sad that
    this is new and exciting to anyone.

  • DT
    Also I want to still be lazy, DT.

    Well, I can respect and sympathise with that. Actually, I was being pretty lazy in my response. You have received a a pretty good summery of what is going on. What is missing is the human drama of people reporting, responding to, and debating unverified rumors and then gradually getting confirmation as the comments and threads proliferate. It was all very entertaining and educational. It might be fun to review the threads, but if you use your imagination you can save a lot of time.

  • cognac

    as far as the combining meetings go - the official announcement is supposed to be 4/27 - This Sunday. It's speculated that it won't actually start until next year because the schedules are already out.

    It looks like the bookstudy will be cut down to about 25 minutes and the other weekday mtg with just be shortened. I believe that's just speculation, not sure.

    Anyways, about me. Yes, OTWO just about got the gist of the whole darn thing. My Dad got me in trouble because I wouldn't believe billions are going to die. I told the elder that he is not up to date with the new light and that he's to much of a fanatic regarding doctrines. I told the elders I should be allowed to be wrong if they feel I'm wrong.

    Then, I told the elders that my Dad, mom, and sister betrayed me. I look at them as traitors and fanatics.

    He is supposed to call my Dad tonight. I will see how that goes. I'm expecting 1,000 calls tonight.

    My family is now on damage control trying to make up with me getting others in my family to invite me over to there house and calling my husband.

    I won't relent to them. I'm really, really pissed and hurt and mad at them. Not sure how long I should ignore them or what I should say to them at this point. I'm going to wait and see what they do when the elder calls them tonight.

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