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  • justme70

    a place that Jehovah's witnesses actually come or just people bashing JW's? I'm new here but it seems to me that if JW's are here they would be hard to find. Thanks in advance.

  • Gopher

    WELCOME to the forum.

    You'll notice in the upper left hand corner, it says "everyone welcome". Everyone means anyone who's interested in discussing JW and WT Society issues. That would include current and former JW's, friends and relatives of JW's, people who have been called on by JW's and wonder what it's about, etc. The WT Society has warned its loyal members about "dangers of the Internet", so that may keep many current JW's from visiting a discussion site like this.

    However, if discussion is what you want, this is a very good place. This board was started by an active Witness who wanted to discuss questions with othe WItnesses from around the world, to see what they thought. The board just evolved from there.

  • yknot


    Some JWs visit because this board gets info before the KH most of the time.

    Other JWs are here because of frustration

    But Yes actual JWs do come on this site.

    The site is open to everyone JW or not.

    Current JW


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hi Justme....I am an inactive jw who is tired of the hypocrisy so I do quite a bit of bashing. But it si not all I do. Welcome.

  • jwfacts

    There is quite a mix, some active elders, some faders, but the majority are ex JWs. There are very few believing JWs on this board; those that do believe either stop believing or stop coming quite rapidly.

    Do not consider it JW bashing, rather a support group for victims of a cult.

  • tika

    I would bet there are way more active JW's who just lurk and do not post even though they are supposed to stay away from these type of websites.

  • mouthy

    WELCOME to the forum.

    Hope you will continue to come to this place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE... I was a JW for 25 years. & I love JW's but you can only love on conditions in the Watch Tower. We couldnt speak to any who did not believe all the WT teaches. When I was kicked out because I didnt believe Jesus came invisably in 1914, the gave me that left foot of fellowship..Also when I learned about "Beth Serim" I was surprised,Now nothing surprises me. Joining the U.Nations.!! I must say they did come back after many years & ask if I would like to be reinstated.But after all I found out from THEIR OWN Brooklyn folk,No way could I go back to a place that has caused more deaths, marriage breakups,suicides,than any other cult.

  • ibme


  • wings

    Welcome, feel free to join in. For whatever reason, glad you found this site.


  • White Dove
    White Dove


    I would have to say that everyone is here from everywhere. No one gets left out on this board.

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