The Big Announcement!!!

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  • cinnamon1642

    If they were going to eliminate bookstudy it must not be immediate as a recent KM stated that we will next consider "Live With Jehovah's Day In Mind". Unless they plan to do that through 2008 after the Revelation book and then eliminate bookstudy after we're done with that.

    However the bookstudy is a good way to micro-manage and have one overseer keep closer tabs on the people in his group. Also they like to promote the small groups in case persecution would arise, and to keep tabs on the members in case of a disaster or something else.

  • oneairhead

    Yes ahile back they were promoting the BS as a safety net in case of persecution and religion being done away with. They said to make sure that the BSC had everyone's contact info. Now no bookstudy no safety net.


  • Nosferatu

    Wait a minute...

    Have any of you even though that they may ADD a meeting? Perhaps make the book study LONGER instead of getting rid of it? Holding the book study in the KHs and having something for Youth to get the numbers up at the book study?

    I'm almost convinced that they're going to do something for the youth. That's where the WTS's future is, and they need to grab the youth tighter. And look at the convention program... there's bound to be a new book or video coming out for the "young ones".

    I could see them having an adult / youth book study. After they finish studying the "adult" book, they pull out that stupid Young People Ask book, My book of Bible Studies, or show that retarded YPA video.

  • oneairhead

    You are probably right! But that is not what the youth need. But wait when have they gotten anything right?


  • cinnamon1642

    I considered that possibility but in recent years most changes have been on how to simplify operations. For example cutting district conventions from 4 days to 3 days, no food at conventions, moving operations to wallkill with newer presses to reduce amount of workers, awake to once a month, making the study edition so they end up printing less WT's, also cutting the public talk down to 1/2 hour.

    They may add a meeting, perhaps after the bookstudy, something towards the youth, but as it is many JW's complain there are too many meetings, and have trouble attending the ones they have right now. What does everyone else think of them adding one?

  • oneairhead

    A sure failure from the beginning. Until they start building the youth buildings with the partys and video games, it is sure to fail.


  • cinnamon1642

    If they were to stop the book studies in the home and move them all to the hall I think the attendance may remain about the same or drop off, unless they added some other meeting to try and attract the people. The problem with moving book studies to the hall, is many KH's are already congested enough, and this would seem to add further burden to the schedule. Also home book studies are located at different areas throughout the territory, on different days and at times that are supposed to be convenient for those in the group. By making everyone attend a book study all at once especially if it was midweek, the attendance likely would not be too great from those who work 2nd shift.

    Also the TMS & SM are probably the second set of least attended meetings to the bookstudy so I don't see how it would help attendance.

    Now maybe they are planning on having one congregation bookstudy and adding a meeting for youth after that, but I don't see how that would attract the middle age and older ones.

  • yknot

    Well whatever it is my Eldership is being tight lipped......(Eldwives haven't been said she would do some pestering and email if she got anything out of him)

    We had a 'youth' program back in the 70's like a kiddie TMS and I did consider it to be fun.

    I think the idea of lessening hour requirements would be a good idea as it would bolster their stats. But that is a TMS announcment.

    Hope it is something for the kids.....all of us swith children under 12 have a sitting time of 20 minutes max. Then it is off to the restroom or outside. (BTW most of us are born/ none of that wailin' or pinchin' on the kids stuff)

    It would be nice to have some mainstreaming........but then again I am outathere in June.

  • WTWizard

    April 27: Big announcement that the hounders need our numbers in May.

    May. Hounders get all the numbers.

    June. Hounders start making things impossible for anyone that misses a boasting session, calling them to make them go every time, or they are coming to get them.

  • steve2

    Whatever it is, it will not be something to cause the rank and file to use their brains. It will have to be something that helps the rank and file sleepwalk their way through a pretty boring life.

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