The Big Announcement!!!

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  • GermanXJW

    They will not do away with the CBS. They consider it as the mother of all meetings starting with the "studies" of the Millenial Dawn volumes. On the other hand, they do not really care about their own history. BTW, is this confirmed? I thought the announcement would be about the upcoming tract campaign.

  • watson


    I always thought they should put the BS together with another meeting. But you are right. The BS is a good monitoring device for the elders.

  • cinnamon1642

    The fact that there will be an announcement is confirmed.

    The schedules I posted are just my guesses of what they may be planning if they are indeed restructuring and changing meetings around.

  • cognac


    Is the announcement going to be April 27th and then the elders have to get everyone's phone number in there bookstudy in May?

    When is this announcement going to be made? Is it different from this big announcement that we are supposed to hear April 27th or is it the same???

    Wish they would cut the meetings down to 2 times a week... Really wish 1, but I doubt that would happen...

  • oneairhead

    The only thing I got from my source was that they were restructuring the meetings. It is a reliable source, but there could be more to it as I have complained to him that there should be more activities for children like a sunday school program. I told him it is difficult for children now a days to sit still this long and since it is taboo to spank children anymore we have to find something more active for them to do or loose them later.


  • oneairhead

    The announcement will be on the 27th.

  • daniel-p

    No matter what the announcement is, one thing is for sure: it will be underwhelming. This is the only constant thing when it comes to the WTS and "big announcements."

  • nbernat

    I love this group. Supposedly only the PO is supposed to know. ;)

  • Honesty
    announcement was about restructuring the meetings

    I think it is almost mandatory they have to do this. I see some of the churches here
    have loads of young people going in, of course they have Christian rock etc, one place
    even has a gym in the church for basketball, they go on bus trips,
    and last but not least they get to wear t-shirts & jeans. yeh!


    Did you visit my church without introducing yourself, hope4others?

  • Nosferatu

    I could see them using that spare 15 minutes they took from the Public Talk for a part aimed at youth.

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