The Big Announcement!!!

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  • oneairhead

    I heard the big announcement was about restructuring the meetings. When I told my source he wanted to know how I found out about it and proceeded to tell him it was all online. I told him about other things that only elders would know about that are online.


  • cinnamon1642

    So what restructuring or changing is taking place?

  • oneairhead

    I think it is making meetings more entertaining due to the fact that the younger generations are not going to just sit through an 1-2 hr boasting session.


  • BizzyBee
    I think it is making meetings more entertaining

    Perhaps I will go back!

  • watson

    I've been waiting for something like this to happen. Most of the R & F are on overload. They need to consolidate a couple of the meetings. When I go now, it's more out of curiosity than anything else, and whew, the meetings are really "low key," if you get my drift. If you haven't been to a TMS lately, wow.

    We shall see.

  • RR

    Entertaining? LIke a live band? elders dressed like clowns?


  • oneairhead

    I have observed the same thing at the TMS.


  • cinnamon1642

    Well we know the bookstudy isn't being eliminated. In one of the recent KM's it said the next book we'll being doing at the bookstudy is "Live With Jehovah's Day In Mind". And I've heard on this board there was an announcement in the May KM that all bookstudy overseers should have the contact info for those in their group.

    I could see consolidating the TMS and Service Meeting somehow into one and have that at a midweek meeting along with the watchtower study since that is to be more oriented towards members.

    I could see on Sunday there just being a public meeting, and then them encouraging everyone to go out in service.

    Any other ideas of what they may be planning?

  • Hope4Others

    announcement was about restructuring the meetings

    I think it is almost mandatory they have to do this. I see some of the churches here
    have loads of young people going in, of course they have Christian rock etc, one place
    even has a gym in the church for basketball, they go on bus trips,
    and last but not least they get to wear t-shirts & jeans. yeh!


  • cinnamon1642

    Or here is another analogy.

    If they moved the WT Study to a midweek meeting... then a combined TMS & SM that night could include:

    5 minutes - Opening Song/Prayer

    1st meeting

    10 minute - Instruction or Service Talk

    10 minute - Bible Highlights

    20 minute - 1 or 2 service meeting parts from KM

    5 minute - Announcements

    Total 45 Minutes

    5 minute - Song

    2nd meeting

    45 minute - Watchtower study (which would really limit excess points brought in by the conductor. They would really need to stick to the material to get done on time.)

    5 minute - Song/Prayer

    Total time 1 hour 45 minutes with song prayer

    If they wanted to keep the student talks going they could change the bookstudy to 45 minutes, then do the 3 student talks and still be done in about a little over an hour. They might feel people would be more willing to participate in the school if it was a real small setting.

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