Video of my daughter going to the prom on the Party Bus!

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  • Shutterbug

    Your shots came out fine in spite of you worries about light. However, you do have a commanding voice. Perhaps you should have drilled troops.

  • MsMcDucket
    Perhaps you should have drilled troops.

    Shutterbug, drilling four girls is enough! Whew! Heather's the baby girl! Stick a fork in me! I'm done!

  • horrible life
    horrible life
    Stick a fork in me! I'm done!


    That party bus idea is wonderful. I will have to pass this idea on to daughters boyfriend. I'll bet that once she has a wonderful time at the prom, the after party may look like fun also. Tell us about the after party. Where, and what will they do?

  • Hope4Others

    That is really super that mom was there to take a video, I'm sure they will all be excited to watch the

    U-tube video when they get /or got home. Prom day how sweet, beautiful dresses and one happy daughter.



  • HappyDad

    That was great MsMcD..............

    The kids should live a normal life......not a narrowminded borg life! In 1989 when I was still an elder, I let my daughter go to the prom and nothing was said to me at all by the rest of the yoyo's.

    I hope she and you have a wonderful life.


  • Tatiana

    It's so nice to raise "worldly" kids, isn't it? I succeeded at the one thing that I wanted to; my kids had EVERYTHING that I didn't.'s wonderful. Thanks for the video, MsMcd. I loved it. Her dress was beautiful. I just love youtube!!

  • MsMcDucket
    Tell us about the after party. Where, and what will they do?

    Horrible Life, the bus will take them to the prom, and to dinner, and then return them to school. The after party is at the school. The prom and dinner is over at 12:00 a.m. I can't imagine my baby girl staying out all night partying. I want her to have fun! I'm nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof!

  • MsMcDucket

    Thanks everybody for being so nice!

  • MsMcDucket

    She's home. She DID dance at the prom and she took her sweater off! She's going to spend the night over her best friend's house. I told her NOT to go anywhere else before she checked with me at home! She said she's tired. When she got home, she put on some sweats!

    Heather is 5'11". I thought that I was going to have a hard time finding her dress and shoes; but I didn't. I was suprised to find that they had gowns for girls of all sizes and shapes and shoes too! I was able to get her things all in one store. She had the clear acrylic shoes with rhinestones. Her feet are not small. I was ecstastic to find some pretty shoes in her size!

  • Layla33

    Really nice, MsDucket. You have a beautiful daughter and it's great she had such a nice time.

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