What about a prom? IF You Are A JW KID!!!

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  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I wasn't allowed to go to prom...instead I threw a party and invited my peers as well as some older couples from the congregation...it sure was a good time (sarcasm!).


  • WTWizard

    In fact, they do have a ban on it (you get hounded to death). Going to the prom will not get you disfellowshipped, but you will be viewed as "weak" and hounded to death (and marked). They have had dramas at Grand Boasting Sessions where the person wanted to go to the prom, and they harassed him into not going. This is in the realm with going to R movies and listening to bad music--if you do it, you will be hounded to death.

    Of course, they do not give a fxxx how much you want to go, what opportunities you pass up, or if there is someone you really like. The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger doesn't want people to pair off with members of the opposite sex for any reason. They don't believe in practice in picking them up, courtship, or dating. And they don't want anyone doing any experimentation to make sure they make a wise choice.

    Their real aim is to prevent people from marrying at all. What they really want is for them to pioneer, go to Beth Hell, and (for men) to go to that damn Value Destroyer Training School where they train people to hound and harass people in other regions into building up the congregations. None of which can possibly lead to happiness for anyone (and only illusory happiness for the humanoids running the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholder).

  • Atlantis
  • asilentone

    at Young People Ask. Well, I did not go to the prom as you can understand why.

  • seektruth101

    Boy You Got It RIGHT!,WT WIZ! My son very smart and for years i talked him about the real truth, and how to seek Jehovah and His son Jesus, Not the almighty Witchtower, I went to meeting for many years slowly learning the real truth about things, through the brother at the meeting themsevles, that may me think! Way to many things? Ive been reading site for many years, the more they said NO the more that made me wonder! I can say I was force to Seek the Real Truth, because we are not able to Question the Witchtower. Without a Lost! I still love the Bro and Sis Ive Know for so Long at a young Age! Ive Help so Many in the Family and out of the Family, though out the years just by stated what the bible says. Most of all my son will go to the prom, with anther JW. Its not what they think, but what Jehovah thinks and his Son and the Word you should Follow. Week In Whose EYES? May Jehovah Continue to Bless Us that with a Good Heart, the Care for his True Servant. Never to Fade, but , to bring all to the TRUTH!

  • notyetx

    No JW youth could EVER go to something so vile as a PROM! It is a WORLDLY gathering with WORLDLY youth doing WORLDLY things like drinking and drugging and fornication. Indeed the very thought of our innocent Witness youth attending a WORLDLY PROM makes me ill. I am highly insulted by the suggestion.

  • Junction-Guy

    WT Wizard summed it up well--Their ultimate goal is for you to remain single and push the magazines. I am so thankful I am out of that mess.

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