What about a prom? IF You Are A JW KID!!!

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  • Rapunzel

    Seek truth: I agree with the other posters in what they say about Witness "thought/philosophy" in regard to relations between boys and girls. The Witnesses are very controlling and manipulative in this area; they are very reactionary in regard to inter-gender relations.

    But I am not sure if this was the reason - or the whole reason - why the girl said "no" to your son's invitation to the prom. I intend no disrespect toward you or your son, but perhaps she isn't all that "into" your son. Maybe she simply did not like him enough, and would have said "no" even if she were not a Witness. After all, you provide very little detail; you just mention that your son invited the girl to the prom, and she "flat out" refused. I have to say that it is her right to refuse. You give no details. Perhaps she is going, but with another boy. Are we to assume that because your son did invite her to this socially significant event, your son and the girl were on at least very friendly terms? I mean, what was their relationship before he invited her? Were they familiar with each other at all, or is she a pretty girl that he had admired from afar? Did your son have any right to reasonably expect her to say "yes"? Did it come as a total shock when she said "no"? Like I said, the important thing is their relationship/friendship before he invited her.

    What I am saying by no means implies that I disagree with the other posters; they are correct in their assessment of Witness "culture" in regard to relations between the sexes. Given that, I wonder why, if your son knew the girl was a Witness - and presumably he knew her enough so as to be aware of this fact - did he even invite her to the prom in the first place, given the Witnesses attitudes toward such "worldly" events. In any case, I think that it would serve you better if you provided a little more details about the situation.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    My son asked a Jw Girl if she would go to the Prom with him and she Flat out said NO! And nothing more.

    Sorry your son was turned down. Hope he didn't take it too hard. JWs don't believe that a boy and girl can be just "friends". Unfortunately, they have the crazy idea that socializing with the opposite sex will lead to some kind of orgy.

  • seektruth101

    The Girl goes to school every morning in the same car. They also talk or text each day for over a year what would that tell you, she comes over almost every weekend. To me its a joke! Yes they are friends, I dont care if they like each other or not. Just want to take her. Dont want to give to much info, sorry


    Ohhh hate to say this but this girl may have placed your son in the "Friend Zone" without him knowing it. She, may, feel no attraction for him and that could be a possible reason she decline the prom.

  • Junction-Guy

    Hello, I don't know much about you since you are new here.

    I take it that neither you, nor your son are Jehovah's Witnesses?

    For the most part, JW's do not believe in going to the Prom, especially those JW's who are 50 years old or older. Sometime in the 1970's, the Watchtower Society began cracking down on kids going to the prom. My brother was forbidden to go to his prom. I wasn't living with my JW Dad at that time, so I got to attend mine.

    JW's have a strict view on dating, in fact it is very repressive. something as innocent as having a girlfriend is almost forbidden in that religion.

  • Indo_Dude

    I went to prom "stag", but it was really with my boyfriend. Only when we danced, and kissed was anyone the wiser.

  • Junction-Guy

    And let me guess, no one even suspected?

  • Indo_Dude
    And let me guess, no one even suspected?

    The ability of the JWs to deny the undeniable, is pretty large. I mean, I am not really femme, but I'm not super butch, didn't care about sports, or any of the other "normal" things boys did growing up. Pretty obvious if you paid attention, but my family and the JWs were oblivious. LOL

  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks Indo, that was what I figured.

  • monophonic

    it's another tactic to keep the jws (aka, the ones who aren't going to be murdered by god at armageddon), away from them worldly people (who will be brutally murdered any minute b/c they're not jws).

    there's absolutely no balance, if it's a 'worldly' function, they assume it's an orgy with drugs and alcohol.....then they finally get old enough to throw parties themselves and it's drunken amateur hour, stuff they should've gotten out of their system years before.

    oh, don't get me started.

    i snuck out to a couple of dances, one i got caught and extremely busted for.

    i got asked to a homecoming dance by a girl i really liked. i just had to say 'no'. it was heart wrenching. blame the parents, the kids are barely keeping it together with the constant propaganda they're getting at their 5 meetings a week.

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