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  • changeling

    for those who give a flip...

    I have been away from JWD for several months now. It was a great help to me in the early days of my fade. It was comforting to know that I was not alone and that others had been in my shoes. It was also comforting to meet several "kindred spirits" on this board who were loving, kind and peaceful (you know who you are).

    In time, I wrapped my brain around not being a JW, and little by little, my need to keep up with what the WT was up to decreased. I also began to chafe under the negative spirit manifested by some on the board and felt the need to step away.

    Today I am enjoying the transformation into the spring season as I enjoy a personal transformation into a person that is true and geniune. As a life long JW I was programmed to be someone that fit a mold and a mindset that was not really my own. Life really is something to be treasured. Everyday provides a chance to grow and to learn. Being able to enjoy the ride instead of just putting up with "the old and wicked system of things" while keeping ones eyes on "the prize", is a great gift. I could be resentful and bitter about the fact that I came upon this realization late in life, but I choose not to.

    My aging parents still live with us and are still active witnesses. My mom still has not come to terms with having grown old in this system.

    My son has almost finished his first year of college and is a happy, healthy, normal (non-witness) young man.

    My daughter has admited to never having strong faith and to realizing that the WT has made many mistakes. She also feels the GB has way to much power over people's lives and has overstepped their bounds in a big way. She attends meetings with her husband but is currently "inactive" as to the preaching work. She has told her husband of her doubts and reservations and, suprisingly, he respects her feelings and is not preasuring her to "do more"

    Return Visitor and I live a quiet, peaceful life and look forward to growing older together.

    The few witness friends I keep in touch with are still swamped with the struggle of daily life, meetings, field service, assemblies, cong. gossip, emotional upheaval and the feeling that if Armageddon would just hurry up and get here everything would be OK. But until then, their "life sucks".

    I hope all of you are happy and learning to enjoy your lives regardless of what stage of life you are in. We have all been through a lot, but life is good on the other side of the WT.



  • R.Crusoe


    I hope things keep improving for you!


  • Priest73

    Great to see you Changling. I'm glad all is well!!!

  • BFD

    Hi my litle Fruit Fly! I have missed you and I am glad to know that things are going well for you. Please keep us updated every now and then.



  • *summer*

    So nice to hear from you, Changeling.

    You certainly sound as if you have finally found your very own comfortable place in this world.

    Wishing you indeed a quiet and peaceful life with Return Visitor, family and friends.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great update.

    You haven't really missed anything here. A ton of newbies arrived to ask the same
    questions. Some of them are fitting in. A bunch of old-timers fading from JWD.
    Basically, it is drastically different and surprisingly the same here.

    I have cut back, but stick around. I take every third day off entirely from visiting
    JWD. Too bad I spend too much of the other two days here, but I realize that I am
    using this to vent my bitterness, so I am not ready to totally fade yet.

    I am happy to hear that you are enjoying life. I was able to look past my bitterness
    and appreciate life much more now. Like your mom, my JW mom is trying to face
    growing old in this system. She's starting to get bitter at the religion she still believes

    Good to hear about your son and daughter. I hope they realize their happiness and
    share your growing old with you and Return Visitor.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    "for those who give a flip..."

    *OM raises hand*

    Very nice to hear from you Changeling. I've missed your presence, but fully understand and support your moving on.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us an update.

    What books have you read in the last few months?


  • lonelysheep

    It is good to hear from you. Glad to hear your kids are doing well, also!

  • Gopher

    Thanks for the update, nice post! It was good to hear from you again. Take care.

  • changeling


    Good to hear from you guys!

    A big "friut fly" kiss going your way, Will!

    OM: I read Ken Follet's: Pillars of the Earth and World Without End and loved them both.

    I also found this great "chick books" author: Marissa de los Santos. I read her first book: Love Walked In and I'm in the middle of her second one, Belong To Me. She has a very cool sense of humor and a real way with words. Lots of fun!

    Of course I had to read Eckart Tolle's A New Earth to see what the big deal was. While he's more "out there" that I can make myself go, his basic concept of being in the NOW is very helpful.

    I read a book called "The Historian" about vampires ( I love vampires). I don't recall the author and my daughter has the book.

    Those are the ones I remember of the tiop of my head, but there's more as I'm always reading at least one book.

    changeling :)

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