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  • journey-on

    Hi Changeling

    So glad you checked in. I was just thinking about you this week and wishing you would "get over it" (whatever "it" was that made you leave)

    and get back in touch with us.... There was an odd off-center vibe going on on the board when you left. I felt it, too. (No offence to anyone in particular.)

    But, I for one, have missed you and am glad to hear all is well with you. ........Journey-on

  • babygirl75

    Great to hear from you again! We've missed ya!

  • Casper

    So "Happy" for you,

    It sounds as tho you have found peace...


  • FadingAway

    Hey changeling! Thanks for the update. It's great to hear from you.

  • llbh

    Hi Changeling thanks for update

    Ken Follet has a big house 10 mile from me passed it today


  • flipper

    CHANGELING- Hey, my name is Flipper- so I give a flip ! LOL ! I was working hot and heavy for a couple days straight- I missed this thread ! Welcome back! Missed ya sis! My wife and I both ! Glad to hear you and your husband are doin' well. I am also glad to hear your daughter is seeing the truth about the truth more fully as time goes by. At least her husband is respecting that. Look forward to hopefully seeing more posts ! I enjoy your takes on things. I'll call you folks some time soon ! Nice to have you back ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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