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  • scholar


    Scholar makes no mistakes on this matter and niether does the FDS and its 'celebrated' WT scholars. Fine tuning or adjustments in the pursuit of scholarship and the spiritual nourishment of the Lord's people ia all that is necessary.

    The notion of invisibility is wholly ensconsed to the Olivet Discourse and the Synoptics. A little common sense and reason also has much merit. No one knows what was in the minds of those few disciples on the mountain. All that we can know for certainty was the question put to Jesus and Jesus' answer to hHis disciples. The context of the narrative and the vocabulary are all part of the understanding of the nature of the Parousia and the Generation. If the Parousia was momentary or the last event as alleged by Leolaia then Why did the disciples use parousia rather than coming.? If 'coming' was meant then Why was that word not used for it is there in Greek? These are questions that Reason demands of an explanation. So your argument is nonsensical.

    The necessity of a sign would indicate that the presence could escape their notice and if it required special insight and was over a long period of time then the presence must logically be invisible. So, in short, I have provided three basic facts that prove the invisibility of the presence.

    1. Request for a Sign

    2. Presence over a long period of time shown by comparison with the Days of Noah

    3. Presence required discernment by the disciples.

    scholar JW

  • hamsterbait

    "PROCLAIMERS" book p.137:

    The Bible Students came to discern that " Christ did NOT return (even invisibly) in 1914"

    How much longer before this new Light is taken in??

    How can anybody claim Christ is present (even invisibly) if the Faithful and Discreet Slave has explicitly printed that he is not here?


  • Gary1914
    Your theatrics are obvious, to anyone with a honest heart.
    I am not the judge of the GB or the WTS. I don't know all the facts. DO YOU.
    I think they have learned a lot over the years. They have a great child protection policy.

    Hello Fresia. I am an elder in my congregation and I am also what you label as an "apostate". My brother is a District Overseer. I say this only to let you know that we know a lot of facts and the Governing Body has not learned much over the years. Yes, they have a great child protection policy, but that has come into existence only lately and it is mostly just for show. It is great for them to have it all written down on paper so that witnesses like you can point to it and say "they have a great child protection policy."

    In any event, what you must realize is that first and foremost the Watchtower is a multimillion dollar book publishing corporation. It is the third richest corporation in New York. For every book they publish they have a guaranteed 7 million people who will purchase it. And those 7 million people will go out and sell that book (contribution) to millions of other people. There are banks, industries and people who have made investments in their organization that they have to answer to. Their main concern in the bottom line. They want to continue the success of their business just as any large corporation would. They will do anything to insure this and stop the steady exodus of its members, It seems that members just aren't obeying them like they used to. You yourself can attest to this because you are on a strictly forbidden apostate website and commenting on it to boot.

    I just returned from the special elders school in upstate New York. The brunt of the information we received was to study and research only the watchtower publications. There is no need for encyclopedias, or dictionaries or other "wordly" books. The publications of the watchtower are enough. They are trying to stop the flow of negative information about their organization that is out there because they realize that their teachings can be proved wrong by outside sources,

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    scholar JW -

    Post 1556

    Alas I cannot help you in your search for the identity of the 'celebrated WT scholars

    Alas, if such a knowledgable personage as 'scholar JW' cannot produce the name of even one of these 'celebrated' WT scholars, it can only be the case that "'celebrated' JW scholars" do not exist. Except, perhaps, one may exist in a person's imagination, like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.

    So, your continued reference to such imaginary "'celebrated' WT scholars" is undeniable buffoonery.

    Even apostates have been seen feeding on this food as they receive nothing from the evil-slave class.

    Even 'scholar JW' has been so disappointed by the wormwood of Watchtower's teaching that this person is known to have been hungrily feeding at 'apostate websites', seeking meaty spiritual food from Leolaia. Indeed, 'scholar' is provoking arguments in order to dip deeper into the refreshing waters of spiritual truth that flow so abundantly on this website, but are sorely lacking at

    Clearly, even the inept WTBTS has admitted to signing an NGO agreement with the UN in order to obtain a 'library card' to gain vital knowledge... not from Jehovah, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. No indeed, for their 'faithful slave' seeks knowledge from the 'scarlet colored wild beast'.

    Additionally, who needs to receive anything from a faithful and discreet slave CLASS? Who needs to receive anything from an evil slave CLASS? In Matt. 24:45-51, Jesus never spoke the word "class". Or, perhaps, the word 'class' been "invisibly present" since 33 CE?

    Post 1536

    I disagree that this current Watchtower is amateurish and un-scholarly for it it replete with references to other sources...

    I examined the article in question again. By 'replete', I think you actually mean 'devoid'. As I had stated earlier:

    the WT article has no evidence of wide reading or research, there is no use of Lexica, Commentaries or Journal articles to support their opinion. The only references they use are their own publications, of rather questionable reliability as their latest version of "present truth".

    Regarding the section explaining their re-re-definition of "this generation", the WT article references Revelation-Its Grand Climax At Hand! published by WTBTS, themselves. And of the information used therefrom, it was hardly evidence of "wide reading or research". Would it really be appropriate to only quote oneself and call it "other sources"? The only other reference in the WT article under consideration was to the WT 1995. Do you recall that article? Yes, scholar, that was the old 'new light' that was briefly embraced, but is now refuted and discarded by the same writers.

    So, "replete with references to other sources"? Hardly. Any thinking person can dismiss that statement as utter foolishness.

    Nice and easy.

    B the X

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    V - Your latest Comments Video is totally awesome !!!!!!!!!

    So well researched and documented !

    B the X

  • Lex Talionis
    Lex Talionis

    In the modern vernacular....

    Scholar, you just got owned by Billy the x!

  • scholar

    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If you do not believe in the existence of the 'celebrated' WT scholars then that is your problem for I care not a wit. My supply of spiritual food is well met by the meetings and literature published by FDS. If I need extra sustenance then I consuly my theological library or a local theological library for that extra spice or nutrient. Information provided by apostates has limited value being full of poison so one needs to treat that as a chemist would in handling a poisonous or dangerous product. Handle with care.

    scholar JW

  • scholar


    Post 14699

    From the time of her earliest posts Leolaia has always showed a preference for extrabiblical and extracanonical sources and she repeats this same methodology in her critique of the Parousia and Generation. My preference on the other hand is to regard the Bible as the primary source and all others that may be used as simply secondary sources. Leolaia and I follow different methodologies and this produces different results. Further, I take notice of current scholarship by reading technical commentaries and leading scholarly journals so that I can be on top of the subject matter.

    scholar JW

  • ozziepost
    I consuly my theological library or a local theological library for that extra spice or nutrient

    Ever considered that it might be good to enjoy a whole meal there instead of 'nutrient'?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Information provided by apostates has... value

    You see, you really do feel the need to gain more knowledge here! Leolaia will be so very flattered after all. You're a sweetheart to give such fine commendation to the value of her information.

    Wasn't V's video awesome! I took careful note of how the imaginary 'celebrated' WT scholars hop around more than the Easter Bunny!

    B the X

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