10 Things that Aggravated an Ex-Witness

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  • nbernat

    You guys probably have seen these but try to add on more! 10 Things That Can Aggravate A Witness

    1. Cell Phones Ringing During the Meeting: You're at a congregation meeting and everyone important to you is at that meeting too. Why is your cell phone on? TURN IT OFF! If it must be on, please use the silent or vibrate setting. Kill the funky hip-hop ringtone! It's inappropriate.

    2. Over-singing: Everyone isn't meant to sing like Whitney, Mariah and Celine. This is not an audition for American Idol. For the record, no one has ever been discovered singing in a Kingdom Hall.

    3. Name Dropping and Shout-outs: So, you personally know a member of the Bethel family, a Circuit Overseer or a Missionary. Great! You don't need to make a reference to this or share an experience about it in all of your comments. This may cause some to develop an inferiority complex, but it may cause others to avoid you. Hint, hint.

    4. Excessive and Constant Head Nodding: Even though you aren't actually talking, your body language is a distraction. Cut it out so I can pay attention!

    5. Clapping At Everything: You've been touched and that's beautiful. But just because you can't shout or catch 'the spirit/ghost', doesn't mean it's proper to channel all of your energy into clapping. Please calm down.

    6.. People Who Constantly Go To the bathroom: Nobody has to use the bathroom four times during a meeting. Okay, we've all seen your new outfit, now...SIT DOWN!!!

    7. People Who Can't Control Their Kids: If your child is playing at his/her seat, running around and going back and forth to the bathroom, then this is a time not to spare the rod.

    8. Bringing Food: If you brought your baby or toddler a snack, but you're the one eating it and dropping crumbs everywhere, that's a problem. Take your Oreo's and your greed outside!

    9.. People Who Criticize: If you're standing in a corner gossiping about how you could've done a better job at something and you haven't volunteered to help with anything, I'm going to have to ask you to SHUT UP!!!

    10. Parents Who Dress Better Than Their Kids: If you come in looking like a model for a fashion show and your precious, little sweetie is dragging behind you looking like she/he belongs in a 'Feed the Children' commercial, you are WRONG. Wipe your kid's nose, comb your kid's hair and buy the kid something decent to wear. Don't leave home looking like a million dollars while your kid is looking like a Food Stamp.

  • Casper

    LOLOL..... I absolutly love things like this. All of it is so "TRUE"...!!!

    6.. People Who Constantly Go To the bathroom: Nobody has to use the bathroom four times during a meeting. Okay, we've all seen your new outfit, now...SIT DOWN!!!

    This one is my Fav....


  • nbernat

    Lol. Yeah I know.

    I know another one. . .the supposed pioneer guy with hopes of going to Bethel who uses his binoculars to check out the girls at the district conventions instead of listening to Splane.

  • HB

    For someone like me who has never been in a Kingdom Hall and never wants to but is curious to know what actually goes on in there, this list tells me more than a page of serious description could. Maybe that was not your purpose, but thanks for the education!

  • daniel-p

    The one biggest thing that aggravated me was THE MEETING ITSELF.

  • SPAZnik

    I love the "please calm down" part of #5. hahahahLMAO ... reminds me of the movie "anger management" when sandler's character is on the plane and the nephelim sized flight attendant tells him "calm down, sir" then zaps him with a taser. LOL

  • nbernat

    LMAO. I know I was LOL.

  • WTWizard

    The things that aggravated me:

    (1) Singing the opening Kingdumb Malady.

    (2) The opening prayer.

    (3) The talks that follow The Track closely.

    (4) Comments that always follow The Track. Comments that are off course will not be tolerated.

    (5) The houndings during and after the boasting session.

    (6) Getting picked up for the boasting session when I was hoping for a snow day.

  • greendawn

    Tell them how lucky they are in that they live in these supposedly terrible times rather than during the middle ages or any past era. The world at least in the West is better not worse than before.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Crying babies Slap those kids or take them to the back of the hall and make them sorry
    they can't be silent like the rest of the drones.

    Latecomers. They want a seat in the back, but us early birds have them all. They complain
    when the attendant marches them up to the front. If you want to avoid that, come early.
    Also, when they arrive at their seat during the talk, the first child sits in the first seat, making
    the second one have to cross over to the second seat, making the third one have to cross
    both of them to get to the third seat, etc. MOVE ALL THE WAY DOWN.

    Unstudied Watchtowers- what is wrong with those spiritually lazy ones? The FDS prepared
    this feast of information and they crack open the mag. for the first time when the brother
    says the title of the article for today's study. Even worse, regular JW's that don't even have a
    mag. and need one from somebody else.

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