10 Things that Aggravated an Ex-Witness

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  • cognac
    Crying babies Slap those kids or take them to the back of the hall and make them sorry they can't be silent like the rest of the drones.

    Mine was the exact opposite of this. I actually used to follow some mother's out to make sure they didn't overly discipline there children.

    One time an elder disciplined his kid in a way that was IMO to harsh. I just about had a connipition fit and yelled out, "What in the world is his problem"... I didn't do to well with that... I had to be taken away from the situation...

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    The mic guy who always puts it to close to your mouth (no sexual pun intended)

    The sister who is blatantly wearing a thong with the outline on through the dress....(I like it but...come on!!)

    All the talk about helping out the elderly and yet old sister so and so has to call in because no one will give her a ride

  • SPAZnik

    It alwayz pissed me off that they didn't have a choir like other churches, and yet they had a picture of one in the front of the songbook. We were stuck with painful to sing songs. I know they wanted everyone singing (and i use the term singing very liberally here). But couldn't they at least have come to some compromise by having a choir trained to drown out the shoddy singers? And of course whatever you do, don't call it an hymn. In this case the rose by another name stunk (all the way to high heaven, I imagined).

  • Finally-Free

    I was always annoyed by people who counseled sisters™ to avoid low cut tops or skirts with high slits. If these women are willing to show off their assets, I'm more than willing to look and appreciate without the unwelcome censorship of the limp dicked elders.


  • nbernat

    LMFAO. Wow. I could not stop laughing this whole time. LOL.

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    I am all on your list.

  • chickpea

    addendum: when you go back to silence your fussing baby, and it turns out that the diaper is dirty, dont wrap the crappy [email protected] thing up and leave it to ferment!

    you pack it in.... then pack it out!!!!

  • WTWizard

    I liked the distractions, especially when they derailed the whole thing (including the ones where someone blasts their rap on a car stereo outside the Kingdumb Hell).

    What I didn't like is when things went according to plan. And particularly when the boasting session ran late. And how I hated singing those Kingdumb Maladies!

  • nbernat

    LMAO I know!! Like when the sound system proves to be defective and they end up being able to fix it! UGH!

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