tore up a wt and awake mag

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  • megaflower

    Thanks guys. I have to admit it made me feel GREAT. She got some good satisfaction too.

  • Dagney


  • geevee

    I had a guy do that to me once. He was a do not call and I didnt see it. Ooooops, he came to the door, grabbed the mags and proceeded to tear them. I was not happy. If he could have seen me later, I was wheel barrowing all my theocratic library and tossing it all into the dumpster....... now that's freedom

  • WTWizard

    A reminder--if we have long series of emoticons, dashes, periods, or other characters, we are better
    off to break them with spaces so people will be able to see the whole of the other posts without
    horizontal scrolling.

    Usually, I will shred the Washtowel and Asleep! magazines if I get them through the mail. That way,
    they waste the postage and time. If they are out in field circus, I just don't answer the door. In street
    work, I will just pass them right by if I see them.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Good job! Tell her I wish she would not mince words and say what is really on her mind!! LOL

    Good for her!

  • OnTheWayOut

    See, this is what JWD is supposed to be about.

    We help newbies with questions and all with problems, but we celebrate
    former JW's ability to move on with their lives in whatever ways they move on
    and occasionally get overly excited that such a great thing as this happened.

    Oh, and we keep track of the latest goofy stuff from the board members that
    still keep in touch with meetings and literature.

    GO GIRL!!!

  • Quirky1

    Cool Beans!


  • Bring_the_Light

    Well, good theater to be sure, but let me suggest an alternative?

    Invite them IN!!!!

    Never done this with Witnesses, but in college Mormons came a' callin' when my girlfriend and I were doing homework and talking philosophy and religion. She turned them away at first, but I got an idea, i ran to the door and said "sorry about that guys, comon' in!!!". We then proceeded to destroy faith in beliefs the poor bastards probably didn't even know they believed, until they knew it was crap as per our enlightenment. We made the younger one cry a little to himself, he asked to "use the bathroom". It was magnificent.

    If you tell them you wanna talk to them, they'll freakin' talk to you, and the "oops gotta shun them" reflex doesn't apply to preaching, they KNOW wordlings don't know 'the truth' yet, so they'll keep hackin' away regardless of what you say. Its your one shot to make the bastards hear you. They pretty much "must" talk to you if they came to YOUR door to preach to YOU. You let them in, they are yours. bwahahaha!

  • Bring_the_Light

    Hmm what's the deal with text not wrapping in this thread?

  • Bring_the_Light

    Ooh, its thumbs up guy. Thanks a lot thumbs up guy! I think I stood behind you in the express lane at Target the other day, pushing two items really close to

    eachother on the conveyor does not make them 1 item buddy! I think this calls for a public reprove! (wow can't believe I remember that term) and a "special needs"

    thread HAHA!

    oh, speaking of "special needs" talks. Ever had one on oral sex, masturbation, or something neat like that, looked around and tried to figure out who it was that

    triggered it? (HEHE) A friend of mine got to sit red-faced through a special needs talk on Oral Sex!!! Neat stuff. Cults are so cute sometimes.

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