I need a little help again…I think I’m dying

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  • sacolton

    Fortunately, the JWs don't baptise the dead. That shit wouldn't fly with me. I have a Mormon friend who has baptised a dead woman. They have a pool that is used to lay (float) the body in and they get into the pool and perform their ritual. It's disgusting.

  • Layla33

    I think you are doing a great thing, showing how they are connected. I too believe that a lot of these "religions" are arms of the same tree. I haven't done a lot of research on it, but I believe the founders and those at the very top are very connected - again, nothing I can prove because I haven't spent that much time reading on it. I look forward to reading your research.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Hiya Dave. Since this thread is a month old, don't know if you're still around or not but I just wanted to give you a big howdy.

    Nina sends her love.


  • james_woods

    I noticed that Scientology was mentioned in the O.P., but the thread then moved a little more toward ex-Mormonism.

    Some might be interested to know that I have been in close contact with an ex-Scientologist and we have compared notes on what it is like to escape from our respective cult traps.

    My friend is very much like some ex-JW apologists - you know, the ones who think that probably C.T.Russell had a pretty good handle on the truth, but that Rutherford and the later presidents went on to spoil a good thing. Richard was actually an engine man on that ex-navy minesweeper the Apollo that L.Ron Hubbard used to sail around on outside the 12 mile limit to keep away from the I.R.S. He got mad at them because L. Ron would not give him any personal attention; realization came that he was just like a low Bethelite - there to clean the bilge and oil the pumps - but not to discuss Scientology with the master.

    Scientology has a number of interesting parallels with Witnessology. Paranoia of all else in the world is one strong similarity. (JW hate blood, used to have vaccinations, CST hates psychology, antidepressant drugs, etc. in a similar way).

    Scientology has a hatred or at least a mistrust of governmental authority. They have repeatedly come under fire for tax evasion and violation of member's civil rights.

    Scientology has a well-devoloped (if crazily developed) language all of their own. (sound familiar?) E-meter, engrams, thetans, "lumbosis" (an L.RonHubbard made-up name for most any generic form of disease), Dianetics, etc. They use it to identify and rank themselves.

    Scientology is obsessed with spying on their own members - especially if such are suspected of any disloyalty.

    Scientology originally had fairly independent congregations (much like the old CTR "companies" with "elected elders"). This was brutally institutionalized by the central organization when suspicions rose that they were not under enough control. Scientology is famous for pretending to be some other generic organization when they want to recruit members, buy land, or take over a small town government. Scientologic Strategy?

    Scientology has suffered the death of their leader and founder (sci-fi author L.RonHubbard) and saw his chosen successors taken over by a palace coup by a scheming but relatively low-level follower who sneaked himself into a position of power. It has been said that nothing creatively worthwhiloe (in Scientology terms, at least) has been written or done since the leadership change.

    Scientology has their Brooklyn Bethel and Kingdom Farm - Clearwater, Florida, plus ranches out in the California desert.

    JWs had Michael Jackson and Prince - Scientology has (notably) Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

    Yes, it is pretty creepy stuff, and should be awfully familiar to ex-witnesses. It speaks soundly to the ex-witness to really let go of all the WT load and free yourself from it completely.


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