The Father in Me.

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  • R.Crusoe

    Has been killed of!

    It will mean that my role is forever removed from where it was!

    The new me is absent the 'family' it was so ready to support and stand up and fight for!

    I know in my heart I gave all of myself in this - but it was not enough!

    Watching the Eckhart/Oprah show2 I thought about the 'ego' in me that has been killed off!

    It was not a proud and self centred person!

    It was a loving self sacrificing amazing individual!

    Many did not see it! He is dead!

  • momzcrazy

    Maybe it isn't dead, just resting until a deserving family comes around. Loving, self sacrificing, and amazing are qualities that are good to have. They just need a good outlet to be seen.


  • *summer*

    If you know in your heart that you gave all of yourself, what else is there to give? perhaps you only need to take a break, regroup, and reconsider.

    And for the many who did not see you as the "loving self sacrificing amazing individual" that you claim you is their loss.

    I know it sounds very cliché but it is only too true that a door has to close for another one to open.

    Keep watching the Eckhart/Oprah gets better and better:-)

  • Narkissos

    R. Crusoe,

    The "good" and the "bad" in us indeed live and die together. There is no cure that doesn't kill. Nobody takes the medicine as long as there seems to be any other option.

    We die at once, once and for all, and it takes a lifetime dying. The tragedy is also a comedy. Through the cruel and merciful revelation of death you find yourself sitting in the audience while still playing on the stage. Only now you know it is a play. Sit back and enjoy the show: you'll play your role perfectly to the end, even though you don't know the end of your part yet. There'll be despair and there'll be laughter.

  • wings

    Mr. Crusoe....what happened? Are you okay?

  • R.Crusoe

    I watched every show till end of show 7.

    I see it confronts much inner 'imaninary selves' in all of us as well as those surrounding us permanently in others in the 'now' which we are unable to confront! We must simply 'be' as we pass through their lives in spite of whatever or whichever ' imaginary self' of theirs they are using to decide what 'imaginary self' they perceive us as being!

    If I attune to the 'now' which is me I have no fear of death!

    And I have no expectation of others as indeed I have not for longer than I remember!

    I have absolutely no problem with tuning into life in the now around me or with the idea death is a transition.

    But I also have no vision of me in the now as anything other than redundant!

    And getting in touch with my present makes me fully at peace with myself and the idea of death.

    So I am completely viewing the reality of now as being happy to die this second!

    That is what my now is!

  • wings

    Time to get a new NOW. This is not good.

    Talk to me. How's the weather?

    What the hell happened?????

  • R.Crusoe

    I see lots of powerful thoughts which help in many ways!

    In tuning into nature - not resisting present thoughts - I feel zero identity with the human form - and much with nature which I would be happy to rejoin!

    So this encapsulates my nowness of the fullness of life! I have zero affinity with humanity when I meditate to this dimension and reality.

  • R.Crusoe

    I suppose what my question would be is how the NOW has any power to EMPOWER the HUMAN of the self and BE what society/capitalism/others egos expect of you??

  • R.Crusoe

    If the true self power is attuning to enlivening, inspiring energies, how is it I am naturally STILL finding this place of dissolving my 'form' in totality?

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