Long last letter to dad...please comment-not mailed yet

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  • jam

    my story, not my father but my younger brother. we were very close. I told him , Iam sure you have wonder why I have not return too the org. I will tell you and maybe we can discuss some of the problems I have with org. If my veiw is wrong I will be present at the next meeting. He call me to discuss the issues. I begain with all the false dates, his commit why are you bring up old history. My answer a solid foundation is very important. Then UN involvement, he did not know of the borg involvement, it,s a lie. He is a elder. So again I told him , if any of my info is incorrect please tell me. He said it does not matter, what counts is what the borg. is doing today.So he said lets end this conversation, you are under the influence of satan and is know need in going any futher. So he told me never talk too him again.

  • JimmyPage

    Great letter Dawg.

  • LouBelle

    I think mamms club hit it the nail on the head: It's healing for you Dawg. Let me know how it goes. All the best again friend.

  • SPAZnik

    you okay, dawg?

  • blindfool

    Chuck, I know you feel like you have tried being loving and trying to let your family live their lives and just agreeing to disagree, but I wonder if this might not be a better way to deal with your dad. One of your posts mentioned that you record country/western music. Do you remember Toby Keith's song, "Love me if you can" In part it says: I'M a man of my convictions, call me wrong, call me right But I bring my angels to every fight You may not like where I'm going but you sure know where I stand Hate me if you want to, Love me if you can. Sometimes I think we confuse our convictions and become caught up in right and wrong. What is right for you may or may not be right for your mom and dad. What is right for them obviously isn't right for you! Do you remember the phrase: Discretion is the better part of valour. Basically it means you may be better off not saying something than taking the risk of saying too much.

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