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  • KKLUV155

    While growing up I used to have the most horrible nightmares. I dreamed of demons almost every night that I can remember. When I grew up and got married and left the borg, I no longer had nightmares. I figured it was due to everything being demonized and the constant being told to watch out for demons. How many of you were plagued by nightmares growing up a JW?

  • IP_SEC

    Sorry you did. I've heard a lot that had nightmares. I was lucky not to.

  • hillbilly

    I had a recurring night mare for years... one night I dreamt it all the way through and never had it since.

    It stopped soon after I decided I was not going back. Not a demon thing per se...just a creepy dream about what turned out to be a funeral home in a building that looked like a place I used to visit.

    I used to get those being held down sensations... and not being able to scream...Night terrors I think it's called. Those stopped too.


  • BabaYaga

    OH, yes, night terrors out the wazoo for me.

    I found out years later that my MOM thought I WAS DEMONIZED!!!! Thank the gods she never told me that when I was little and having the night terrors... I had enough problems as it was. Interesting she never considered it might be the teachings of Armageddon with my Grandmother's eyes being eaten by crows or the threat of constant demon attacks around every corner that might be causing them in the first place...

  • Robdar

    I used to have frightening dreams of Armageddon. I still have Armageddon dreams but they are no longer scary. When I dream about it now, I find the dreams to be quite symoblic and spiritual for me. I know that's an odd thing to say; however, it is true. I am deeply affected by them.

  • loosie

    I used to have a dream that satan was watching me and my cousins play in the backyard at night. He was standing on the other side of the fence just watching, never came across the fence. This was a recurring dream.

  • MissingLink

    Just the usual armageddon stuff - school friends and unbelieving family's dead bodies strewn about. And one were my dad would play Abraham and slaughter me as a sacrifice to the big J.

  • jaguarbass

    I remember when I was a JW, demons, and ghost bothered me. I've been out of the tower since 83 and nowadays I never think of demons.

    I always had night mares as a witness. Now I dont remember any. I hardly ever remember dreaming nowadays.

  • WTWizard

    Not of that kind. Most of my witless dreams are where I would have a judicial hearing (often bypassing the hearing itself) and I would be disfellowshipped, or reproved. The funny thing is, in one of those dreams I got disfellowshipped during the initial announcements section and got reinstated immediately after that part. Obviously, the experiences with the witlesses were totally disjointed (no, I never remember the "sin" or the hearing).

    More ominously, I have had dreams of losing opportunities in life because of being a witless. That is more probably true than getting disfellowshipped would be, and more serious. And yes, I have had the dreams of being in the Kingdumb Hell or out in field circus improperly dressed (no pants, no shoes, etc). And of being out in field circus with no littera-trash, and finding people at home.

    More recently, I have had more dreams of being at the Kingdumb Hell with no way of knowing how I got there, and then came to my senses only to have Brother Hounder walk in with his friends. I have also had dreams of being dragged to the Kingdumb Hell with no way to back out, and actually on the way in. And of being driven to the a$$emblies.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    There were lots of things that woke me in the night. Nightmares and thoughts the demons were watching me. I knew lots of people that told demon stories. I suppose they used the abuse by the demons as a sort of a validating occurence that they had the truth. Then on the other hand I also heard that the demons would bother you if you had stuff they like. Crosses and pentagrams and the like. Such inconsistencies in the borg.

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