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  • Hope4Others
    I have also had dreams of being dragged to the Kingdumb Hell with no way to back out, and actually on the way in. And of being driven to the a$$emblies

    Wow, you have really got it bad, the Wt really is a nightmare for you. Hope it eases up and goes away.



  • JoyNichols

    As a child, I had terrible insomnia and was a little afraid of the dark. I was very fearful of demons. Now I know it is all nonsense, but I still struggle with chronic social anxiety and frequent insomnia. I have gotten a good deal of relief through therapy and anti-depressants, though.

    The Great Tribulation was not as scary an idea (oddly enough) as was demonization. I was truly frightened of that. I often hid under my blankets and suppressed my breathing to "hide" from demons at night. It's a wonder I didn't suffocate.

    I was also very afraid of getting caught masturbating, LOL! That was a huge worry cuz I did it a lot.

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