Whole day ruined because it's a meeting night?

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  • veen

    At some point nearly every day of the week was soiled by the prospect of some 'spiritual' activity. It took me years of inactivity before I started seeing Tuesdays and Thursdays as enjoyable, without a shadow hanging over them. Wednesday was always my favorite day of the week.

    Mondays-Watchtower prep

    Tuesdays-Group study


    Thursdays-Big meeting

    Fridays-Evening field service during summer

    Saturdays-Morning field service

    Sundays-Don't get me started. Just when you thought you were in the clear after the meeting, they would catch you with a goddamn field service arrangement.

  • brinjen

    Yep, same here. Took me a couple of years to completely get rid of the 'meeting night dreads'.

  • WTWizard

    It was the whole week, every week. I got out of the boasting session on Sunday to have to work. Then on Monday, I had to work. Tuesday evening I had off, but there was that boasting session. Wednesday, they expected me out in field circus no matter what, because they knew I had the previous evening off. Thursday there was another boasting session. Friday, more field circus because they knew I had the previous evening off.

    With that schedule, I liked Saturday and Monday. I did no personal "study" in the littera-trash because I had seen it a few billion times before. Good thing the hounders never found out that I usually had Saturday evenings off, because they would have taken that away, too. (Sometimes one of the hounders, with his pioneer family, would have me waste a Saturday at his place. That was a total waste of time.)

  • watson

    Monday Morning: Daily Text

    Monday PM: Prepare for Tuesday night book study

    Tuesday Morning: Daily Text

    Tuesday PM: Book Study (Goodie Night helped)

    Wednesday Morning: Daily Text

    Wednesday PM: Family Study. Poor Dad, after family study finished preparing for Ministry School and Service Meeting

    Thursday Morning: Daily Text

    Thursday PM: Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting. Poor Dad, after Theocratic Meal, elder's meetings?

    Friday Morning: Daily Text

    Friday PM: Watchtower study Prep and Presentation practice for Sat AM field service.

    Saturday Morning: Daily Text at home. Meeting for Field Service, Daily Text again. Field service until 11AM, 15 minute break for coffee and "howdy" to other car groups. Resume field service, return visits, visit to ones in hospital, rest homes, etc.

    Saturday PM: Pizza with "the friends?"

    Sunday Morning: Daily Text

    Sunday Morning Cont'd: Field Service (Return Visits, home bible studies)

    Late Sunday Morning: Brief review of the Watchtower in preparation for today's Watchtower Study.

    Sunday Afternoon: Meet at the Kingdom Hall for the Pubic Talk and Watchtower Study. 1PM to 3PM.

    Sunday Afternoon Cont'd: 15 minutes after the close of the Watchtower Study, brief meeting for Sunday Afternoon field service. Possible review of the Daily Text, but may just make car group arrangements for field service.

    Sunday Evening: Preliminary prep for next week's upcoming meetings.

    This schedule does not take into consideration Auxiliary Pioneering.

  • momzcrazy

    My basic preparations for meetings started at about 4 pm on meeting nights, 6 am on Sundays. Going alone with 2 then 3 kids took alot of work and planning. I am so relieved to not bother anymore.


  • dinah

    Watson, you were a much better witness than I was. Still, we had our service meeting on Friday nights when I was a kid. The main elder said it would keep the teens outta trouble because they would be at the meetings.

    When I got to be a teen and in high school, they changed it to Thursday night. Meeting nights were brutal because I always had homework that had to be done before the meeting. We wouldn't get home until after 10 pm and I never could go right to sleep. Friday mornings at school were always rough because I was so tired.

  • wings
    It took me years of inactivity before I started seeing Tuesdays and Thursdays as enjoyable, without a shadow hanging over them. Wednesday was always my favorite day of the week.

    Same here. UG, the memories. Glad they are memories and not my reality anymore. Everyday, now has the possibility of being a Wednesday.

    I especially hated Thanksgiving. The whole country has a day off, and I had to go to meeting.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I've been out for over 10 years now.

    But still, at least once a week, while making plans for the day I will briefly think "is this a meeting night?"

    It only happens for a second, but then I feel a wonderful feeling of relief knowing it will never be a meeting night again.

    Love that feeling

  • R.Crusoe

    Yeah Veen = prison life eh?

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Actually, now that my wife goes to meetings without me, that means that Tuesday and Wednesday nite I can be on JWD all I want. Sunday too...

    Now I look forward to meeting nites!

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