Knocking on the Doors of Classmates out in service

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  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    oh god the flashbacks continue... I remember this one territory which almost perfectly followed my school bus route in middle school. imagine my dismay when my parents checked it out. well the first weekend I managed to feign illness and get out of going. not so lucky the subsequent weeks. I dodged as many schoolmates as possible but inevitably ran into some. the one guy I saw was actually a very talented debater as well as a bit of a bully. that sucked just a bit.

  • All_These_Kids

    One of the oddest moments - We live in a small town in Tennessee that is the veritable buckle of the bible belt. On one Saturday I was at a door by myself when someone from my high school answered the door and instead of slamming it closed, he thought a Bible discussion sounded great and then went and got his Bible. I was stunned and suddenly couldn't think of anything to say, besides, I was more than a little intimidated at the thought of talking to someone who was "steeped in false religion." So I mumbled something about just wanting to leave a Watchtower. He looked puzzled but didn't protest. I'm sure he thought "those Jehovites sure are weird."

  • new light
    new light

    Thanks to working local territory, I became a master at turning my face away from classmates, then slowly rotating the head as they walked by so they would never see my face. Quite an artform, LOL.

    Whoever mentioned seeing schoolmates at the hall brought back some wierd memories for me. One family was so despondent that they actually took up studying and the two boys who were my age came to a few meetings with their parents. We had an unspoken pact of secrecy that worked out well. Nice guys. As a side note, the father actually committed suicide in that same period (I feel terrible for the family), which goes to show how desperate one would have to be to listen to JWs.

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