Knocking on the Doors of Classmates out in service

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  • dinah

    This was always my greatest fear. It happened quite a few times. When a classmate would answer the door, I would always wish a big whole would just open up and swallow me.

    I would never take a magazine or a bible to school. Most people really didn't know (and didn't care) that I was a Witness. My friends used to sneak me valentines and stuff like that also. My friends at school and an UBM for a Dad helped me out a little. Of course really tried to keep me under her thumb. All that came to a screeching halt when I graduated high school.

    It's funny, I always thought if I could just get through high school that Witness crap would get easier. I was df'd about six weeks after graduation.

  • digderidoo

    So embarassing!!!

    I used to live in another congs territory so never did knock a classmates door. But class mates used to occasionally see me out on the service and would take the p...

    I remember i used to catch the bus to go out on the service and i would button up my coat so that no one could see my tie, even on hot summer days. I also used to put my field service bag in a carrier bag, then when i got to the service group put that carrier inside my field service bag.

    How bizarre???


  • oompa
    exjw: For the most part school was my safe haven from everything JW so I enjoyed going.

    Likewise, but that reminds me of a funny moment....I had a girlfriend in homeroom in high school and we were very I was a real cut-up. There was a very quiet girl in the same homeroom I had never really noticed, and she shows up at my hall one Sunday morning and walks up to me in the lobby, pushes my shoulder hard and yells, "OOMPA, I can't BELIEVE YOU are one of JEHOVAH's WITNESSES!!!!".....I made for the front door................oompa

  • dinah

    That's funny Oompa, she told on you!

    Classmates coming to the meetings only happened once or twice. I'm sure they were shocked to see me, too.

  • Jim_TX

    Yeah... I hated knocking on doors - and having some classmate open the door. It didn't happen too often, and I quickly learned the doors to 'avoid' - if possible.

    The worst part? Well... as a kid... having to tell the other kid - my age - "Is your mother or father home?" - since - we were told that we couldn't sell - err... I mean 'place' magazines with minors. Go figure... a minor couldn't sell to another minor?

    Anyway... that was pretty bad - as the kid - my own age - puzzled look - would go yell "Hey Mom!!!!!" - then go off to continue watching the cartoons that were on Saturday morning - and that I never got to watch - except through screen doors at the homes of people that I was bothering.



    Jim TX

  • Undecided

    I remember it well. I was about 9 or 10 years old and called on this home and it was one of my class mates who picked on me in school. The only scripture I read was Ps. 83:18 , the name of God. His mama started reading me scriptures that I couldn't dispute and I went back to the car crying. We later had a fight at school and he didn't pick on me anymore. He and his twin sister died a few years ago. I still remember the house they lived in out in the country.

    Ken P.

  • veen

    Called on a number of school acquaintances. The stress levels were always sky high when I was in my school catchment area. The worst was when I called on a girl who I had a thing going with in school, around 20 years ago now and I can remember it as clear as day. How can a sane, intelligent human being be expected to grow up not hating the religion. Ah yes, cognitive dissonance.

  • WTWizard

    I hated it when we would work doors on the street I lived on. That was embarrassing.

    Of course, I did not like to be in such a horrible repressive situation where the only thing I could do if a lady came (that I wanted to do the fornication with) is to place littera-trash, get her into the cancer, and hound her to get rid of everything that means anything. And likely have the call usurped, so she would have been pulled out from under me after all that work. This could have been no matter where in the territory I was working.

    If only I could have just did the fornication at the door--I think getting disfellowshipped would have been easier to take than being the One that set off the Second Dark Ages for the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger.

  • MissingLink

    I was about 14 and called on a door early on a Saturday. A girl from my school opened the door. She was in a sheer nightgown. She was having a sleepover with a bunch of girls from school - all in their nighties. She opened the door and announced to the group - "Hey everybody - (missinlink) is here!". A couple others came to the door to see what was up. I don't remember exactly what I said - but I was desperate to get out of there. I know I ditched on the presentation anyway.

  • jesussaves

    This post is so funny to me!!! Actually though, I didn't really have a huge problem with seeing my classmates out in service. There was a pretty sizable group of JWs at my High school and we had our own clique. Plus, the only reason I was out in service was because of the delicious regular pioneer that I was in love with!!! LOL. I did however used to pretend to ring the bells on general principle because I just didn't want to have to do my presentation.

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