Knocking on the Doors of Classmates out in service

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    My worst day in service was the day I knocked on an old girlfriend's door. We had dated secretly back in the 11th grade and it had been pretty torrid. She was a gorgeous little Latina with the biggest boobs I have seen to date. She had no idea that I was raised a jw and now four years later I am knocking at her door of a crummy apartment she shared with her 4 year old son. The baby was not mine, but she saw me in a suit and figured I was there to reconnect and impress her with my threads and a good job to support her.

    Imagine my hooror as she wrapped her arms around me in front of the service overlord and told me how much she missed me. Well actually she said..."Oh baby I sure have MISSEDEDED you!" The overlord sees this messy apartment and young woman in sheer attire. I was called tot he back room that afternoon!! My folks got called in. So here I am having to deny parenting and abandoning a young child. REPROACHING!! Never mind that I had been baptized less than a year and the baby was about 4.

    All they were concerned about was how Jah had been smeared by my loose conduct. My folks told the service overlord and the boe that they saw no reason to have a meeting and we went home. I actually tried to start a study with her, and they assigned her to a pioneer sister. She never opened the door for the sister! LOL Thankk goodness. Anyway, it was an awfully scary day!

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    super horrific flashbacks here. I too was blessed by the Lawd to have my school district be a subset of my KH territory -- most was amish country. The part that was townish or less rural was always a risk of sseeeing a schoolmate. I recall two times at least where I saw a schoolmate in my grade. That sucked in the worst way. I think most of the lies I told in school were related to abject humiliation as the result of my religious beliefs --- yeah, that's so healthy.

  • monophonic

    amen to that, definitely child abuse. the last thing that a kid needs is to feel more isolated than they already feel.

  • Fadeout

    Tired, that is one of the worst yet most hilarious field circus stories I have heard. Please don't think I am laughing at your pain, but... :-D

    I was pretty damn lucky if I do say so myself because there was only one occasion I remember a classmate answering the door. We had been in classes together for like the past 5 years but of course we had never spoken, she smiled and was very nice, took the magazines, I think she felt sorry for me. Can't blame her.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Worst Nightmare - that is all I can say. Luckily, in highschool, my school and our FS territory fell into different areas so the chances were not as huge as they could have been. When it did happen, I remember wishing more than life itself that I could disappear into the ground.

    Loved Tired's story! LOL

    And someone commented on the self esteem issue and I believe that that is a very valid point!

  • new light
    new light

    Tired-- What a story. It must have been torture to deal with the aftermath from that one!

    I just recalled my elder father taking out territories from within my school district. WHY? More than half the territory was in another district He was a freaking pioneer elder, He could have worked any town he wanted, but no. "Child abuse" applies completely here. The mental anguish was excruciating.

  • Sgt Pepper
    Sgt Pepper

    This had to be the worst part of being a Dub child.

    Unfortunatly as I attended a Catholic school my school friends were scattered all over town. Therefore every territory could contain one, field service was like walking through a minefield - I hated it. Fortunatly I never knocked on a fellow pupils door. However one or two spotted me and once I knocked on a teachers door and I had to hide behind my adult partner.

    Thankfully my kids have never had to go through this.

  • oompa

    I thought I had sucessfully blocked the feeling of those moments from my mind....thanks guys. All of were defective of course....why couldn't we just be like the kids in the WT and assembly interviews who kept the truth book and mags on their desk at school (not the bible) and witnessed to all teachers and students. I swear some dubs in school were working their own school parking lot....................oompa

  • DJK

    90% of field circus was in my hometown. The embarassment multiplied by ten when I entered seventh grade and even more when I was required to do the talking.

    I think children were exploited/intentionally used at the doors. The rags were five cents in my day and I saw more dimes passing through the doorway when I did the talking. Believe me, it wasn't for my charm. I also noticed the bundle of rags my father picked up at the book counter got larger. Must have looked good for him.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Besides not being able to sleep late and missing Saturday morning cartoons this was the part of FS I hated most. I had a lot of friends in school, despite my parents and I would be so embarrassed when knocking on their doors. My school mates knew that my parents were JW's and I always told everybody at school that I wasn't a JW. Of course there were some that weren't very friendly that always looked for a reason to pick on you.

    For the most part school was my safe haven from everything JW so I enjoyed going. My friends felt sorry for me when I couldn't participate in after school activities and parties and usually found a way to slip me Valentines day cards and birthday and Christmas presents. Usually something that wouldn't be suspect if my parents found it.


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