Do you change your mind easily?

by nicolaou 18 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Xena

    Depends on how much I have invested and how good the opposing argument is.

  • BurnTheShips

    No I don't.

    When I do it is a huge deal.

    I know what I know, and believe what I believe, and like what I like.

    I don't convince easy.


  • WTWizard

    If new information comes to my attention, and I am able to cross reference it, and it reasonably proves my existing belief system wrong, then I change it. However, if some information comes to my attention that is blatantly wrong or I cannot cross-reference it, then I will not allow myself to believe it any more.

    And that goes for the Watchtower Society. I had nothing to cross-reference it with back then, and I had next to no experience with religion or the Bible. So I got scammed in. The decision to no longer be one of them came from the crappy way they treated me (always wanting more out of me, and keeping me away from the opposite sex so I could be corraled into that Value Destroyer Training School), and from realizing that I would be better off out of it whether or not they were the truth.

    Currently, I believe that the free market should take care of things. I also believe that excessive rules only creates problems where none had to exist. And, the more objectively I can think, the closer to the real truth I am going to come (free of the mysticism created by religion).

  • momzcrazy

    For unimportant things, like what shirt to buy, I do change my mind alot. But when it is a very important decision, then no. I also agonize over the right thing to do. I will stew it in my mind, take it out and chew on it, then put it in my hat. When it comes to my kids though, it seems the decisions come easily and are also easier to stick to. Once I have made an important decision I will stick to the results, whether that means immediate action or delayed. There may be twists and turns while awaiting the fulfillment of my decision, but it does happen eventually.


  • hillbilly

    I invest a lot of time in making most descions. Documentation goes a long way with me.

    I can be swayed with a good informed argument.


  • Nowman

    Yes. Used to be worse, but I attribute it to being younger.

    I never thought I would feel like I did after leaving the JWs, leaving the cult thing. But, in life, I have realized that there are other cult tendencies (someone said this to me recently too, gotta give some credit to him), for example, when you leave a job of ten years, and go to a similiar job where you will be able to apply the knowlege etc, I realized I had a cult mind, I couldn't let go of what I used to do a certain way....Had to readjust my thinking.

    Hey, in the end, its OK to change your mind.

  • Casper

    Not really, I'm usually an all or nothing person. When I do make a decision, I will stick to it.

    On the other hand, I realize most things don't have to be "Written in Stone", and if there are enough factors to sway me, I will change my mind...


  • nicolaou
    I know what I know, and believe what I believe, and like what I like. I don't convince easy.

    I know what you mean Burn. As a JW I liked the 'fact' that I could live in paradise, in perfect health, forever. It took a lot to overturn that belief and although the few decades in front of me now look limited and less ideal in comparison, still I'm glad I changed my mind.

    What we like is really nothing more than a prejudice in our minds, as much a block to straight thinking as the things we dislike.


  • Hope4Others

    No, unless you can show me with reasonable doubt why I should consider an alternative measure. Then I may ponder on it with no promises. Hope4others

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