Adam and Eve were NEVER perfect.

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  • Bella15

    @ Rocky_Girl - I like your coment. I too have learned not to try to analyze God from a human perspective. When I don't understand something I remember that God is not human, God is something my human mind doesn't understand I can perceive his Greatness and Glory through the things created and his love, then I walk by FAITH and worship in SPIRIT.

    As far as the trinity commments ... Watchtower Corp made me believe that Trinity is like they say a monster A God with 3 heads or 3 separate persons- but now that I read other current Christian literature, and from the early church fathers, I see that the Christian Trinity is God MANIFESTED in The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Remember that the Watchtower published and edited its own version of the bible to prove their doctrines, but if you read their first Interlinear bible and compare you will find the real truth. Watchtower Corp. ARE the LIARS. FALSE PROPHETS, once that registers in your mind your way is clear to get the pure and incorruptible knowlege from the bible not any other book, the bible alone is enough when you're being taught by the Holy Spirit.

  • cantleave

    20571 - you need to study some science and realise that you talk complete shit! A little science should kill your faith in a mythical magic man.

  • shopaholic

    Adam and Eve were never perfect even by the JW definition. Its just that they had not yet sinned. If they were perfect, they would have chosen not to eat from the tree. The whole free moral agent explanation doesn't make sense because even as a free moral agent, if you were perfect you would have chosen not to eat from the tree...based on the JW definition of perfection.

    I've had this conversation several years ago with a JW after she took offense to something I said to a bible student. There was just no reasoning from scriptures with her

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