Preserve the Spirit of the Bethel Family! - Gerrit Losch ... HYPOCRITES!!!

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  • flipper

    WAC- I'm gonna bump this one up for burning status at 21 ! It's important for newbies here to see really what's going on at headquarters of Bethel ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • odie67

    I remember volunteering to clean the restrooms at the assembly. They made a big deal out of changing the rolls of toilet was at least 10 sisters working one small was real goofy, I think I changed two rolls of tissue because there wasnt much to do.

  • garybuss

    This is a get ready talk. Change is in the wind.

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  • yesidid

    When was this talk actually given...............yesterday, last week, last year or last century?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Feb 22 1999

  • loosie
    The attitude is to always have more than enough. Micah 6:8 says to "walk modestly". It is easy to spend money not yours. Be reasonable, do not have grandiose ideas

    OMG OMG OMG I am going to puke now

  • WTWizard

    I like it when the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger explicitly tells people that something is not to be posted on the Internet, and someone posts it anyways. Now that humanoid is going to be in for some major embarrassment from anyone that happens to cut and paste it onto other blogs and forums.

    And what is this crap about artificial work? Field circus--I remember the crapt that was supposed to set off the Great Tribulation that did nothing. The REJECT Jesus Party invitation (those wastes of paper) campaign didn't get finished, either. Plus the endless boasting sessions--it seems that there is more work announcing more work. And they tell us that they are cutting "excess work".

  • yesidid

    If Losch has been sprooking this sort of stuff since Feb '99 and no other GB members have

    put a stop to it, then it's approved material, at least by Ted Jaracz.

  • OnTheWayOut
    The Headquarter family displays its own spirit. Attitude as defined in the Webster dictionary is a state of mind or feeling, disposition.

    There was the Bethel Boys of yesteryear who worked hard and boozed harder.
    There was the attitude around 1980 that Mother was watching everyone and taking names.

    They enjoy close association with older ones, they show personal interest in one another, have love for the truth, possess the spirit of self-sacrifice, and they are supportive of any direction the Governing Body gives.

    This makes it easier to screw them over when the Governing Body has used them up.

    "Thank you for being here, for each year you stay, we love you more."

    That's why we hated firing some of the ones that we knew for so many years. We really
    loved them, but they interfered with the profit margin here at Headquarters.

    The corporate spirit is:

    1. …democratic - It delays work from being accomplished because the overseer is afraid to make a decision on his own. A group consensus is sought, so he does not take the blame.

    We get you right to work by telling you what we decided, or just telling you that you cannot
    know what we decided, but tell you to get to work anyway.

    2. … not showing consideration for older ones. Putting efficiency ahead of compassion. In the world, those who are unemployed and in their 40s and 50s have a hard time finding a job. Some are fired before the are due to receive their pension. Work is given to young people. The Governing Body shows consideration for older ones. "We treasure" older ones and "value your experiences. You contribute to the spiritual stability"

    IF we say that enough, maybe the members will believe it.

    3. …creating artificial work when there is not enough work for everyone to do. Creating excessive and detailed manuals take away the dignity of the worker. It says that they are not able to do the work without detailed instructions, although there are some who may need such details. It does not admit that there are too many people in the department.

    I know you think #3 contradicts #2, so let us make it clear. We treasure more than you, the
    old-timers we let go, but we had to admit there were too many people here and we took into
    consideration that they were older ones. We wanted them to get out there before it was too
    late to earn a pension. Remember this lesson- we screwed our family, we will eventually screw
    you also.

    5. …overdoing. Controlling production and productivity. This creates anxiety in the volunteers. The volunteer is afraid of not meeting the overseer's expectations. He becomes afraid of losing his assignment or afraid that he may be asked to leave Bethel.

    We don't even tell you the criteria for losing your assignment or being asked to leave Bethel.
    That way, you don't have to be afraid. You are no more vulnerable than the guy next to you.

    Although Bethel may take advantage of certain things used in the world to do our work, we do not adopt their attitude.

    We take full advantage of the cold ruthless attitude of the world by giving the axe to our own
    "family" members, but we do not adopt that worldly attitude. We simply rent it for awhile.

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