JW Secret Police

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  • outofthebox

    I heard about a special group inside the Organization. Its sole purpose is to find and judicialy process disidents (or Apostates as they called them). Have you heard of such secret police before? -ootb

  • WTWizard

    In fact, I have heard of that. Anyone that knows of a "sin" has the duty to rat the "sinner" out after confronting the "sinner". Most of the time, they will rat them out first and ask questions later.

  • hillbilly

    Usuall it's a dumbass elder asking some one to "keep an eye on so-and so... we are worried about his spirtual heath".

    Back when I was younger such an elder asked me to observe and report on a fellow younger person.

    I told him if he wanted a Private Investigator I'd work for "$200 a day plus expenses"

    Elder got the message


  • nomoreguilt

    Hey OOTB!! Any thing new now that you are an elder? i don't think I've seen much of you since then....


  • nomoreguilt

    Hey OOTB!! Any thing new now that you are an elder? i don't think I've seen much of you since then....


  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    The deputize various people here and there, as was mentioned.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    Have you heard of such secret police before? -ootb

    well...it was not mentioned at MTS when I was there...however...there are special committees formed from time to time..either appointed by the CO (local appeals cases made up of circuit elders) or by the Society....(made up of DOs, sub DOs and COs).... sometimes they will form special committees made up of high roller elders in a circuit or group of circuits on some complicated case a local BOE either cant or wont handle (which usually results in said BOE being investigated and/or removed).

    I did serve on a local JC for an apostate case. Said "apostate" appealed the decision..not because they wanted to stay a dub, but I think to make a point and take a stand... an appeals committee was formed..not form elders in a nearby congo...but high roller elders in another part of the circuit....chair of a HLC, a sub CO, and a MTS grad.... boy they got an earful from the apostate...lol..... kudos to them...they told that appeals committee exactly what they thought of the UN, the GB, and the FDS...(said apostate also claimed to be of the annointed...) ..of course...they remain DFd.....

    I think it is paranoia to believe there is a "secret police" within the Organization... I think the cult mind control that already exists does a good enough job getting people to spy on each other and throw their friends and family under the bus, they dont need an officially sanctioned group to do their dirty work...I could be wrong.....doubt it though...my opinion....

    Snakes ()

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    No I haven't heard of an official group within the org that does that. Everyone has an obligation to rat out another if he were to hear of anything being done that wasn't according to the organizations or Jeh's policy but that is all I have heard of.


  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I agree with Snakes and the rest... I went through Gilead and there was no talk of secret police.... Just report the cursing Lev5:1 so you don't share in the sins of others...haha this is me

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "Have you heard of such secret police before?"

    I have heard of that and seen them. They're a joke! Like Bubba and Bartholomew on a Chinese scavenger hunt on a merry go round. I was in a congregation that had a Batman and Robin team who watched too many Lone Ranger and Tonto matinees.

    They were Lance Roberts and Merlin Marvin and they decided to catch me doing something they didn't like so they decided to stake out my car. Of course I worked nights and left out the back door and walked to work. I knew they were doing it but I decided I liked it because they were watching my car almost 24/7 and my car was virtually guaranteed not to be vandalized or stolen. What a pair of bozos!

    Jehovah's Witnesses are wannabes on every level. They'd screw up a two car funeral. They make Abbott and Costello look serious. The only exercise they get is jumping to conclusions.

    Secret police my ass, the only thing they keep secret is that they have a brain.

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