As a Witness Teenager - Did you Sneak Around ? Comical / Serious tales !

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  • brinjen

    Just wagging school, got caught. Was picked up for shoplifting the third time I wagged, just a cheapie necklace with a cross.

    Then, one day, I was talking to a sister on the phone, had to ring her for some reason. She thought I was my mother, apparently I sounded just like her. So, the next time I wagged school, I just made a little phone call to the school, told them my "daughter" had a temprature (or something) and didn't get caught again.

  • flipper

    CURRIENTOLOGY- Got caught in bed by your girlfriends mother ? Wow! At least she let you stay there because you had been drinking too much ! That was nice.

    AVASHAI- That is funny ! I can imagine going out to a club with " worldly " friends and not being able to go to a restaurant because of a witness janitor or carpet cleaner being there ! Even sneaking into the clubs _ I used to look around feeling guilty that some witness was going to bust me !

    JK- That is hilarious ! So you and your buddy shot pool at a strip club ? LOL! You actually shot pool- or watched the strip show ? LOL! I bet you did get an education at that age ! As well as an eyeful ! Funny !

    LISA VEGAS- It sounds like you had your fun; as well as being an expert at keeping it undercover ! LOL! But it was good you had a decent, nice elder to confide in. I'm glad you were able to make your escape from the organization. It's amazing you escaped getting DFed for the situation at the time ! Very clandestine of you - I'd say ! Good job !

    FADEOUT- So you were a perfect witness teenager ? You were in the minority - believe me !

    MISSING LINK- Another poster crawling out a window at night. Funny ! It's good you got to have a little fun - drinking a few beers ! Sounds like you didn't get in too much trouble though.

    BRINJEN- You stole a necklace ? Wow! Hilarious - can anybody say , " Sister Brinjen Winona Ryder " ? LOL! That's pretty funny you imitated your mom's voice getting out of going to school. My wife said she used to write notes pretending it was her mom to get out of going to school. She'd cut classes ! Funny ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dinah

    It helps having a Dad who is not a JW! The girl who lived next door was somehow an approved friend. She was a good girl, but she did help me have some fun. She would invite me to spend the night. Then..we could talk to boys. It's funny I was the Dub, but I was the only one smoking and drinking at that age. (pre-teen early teen).

    When my Dad bought me a car for my 16th birthday, my best friend and I would skip school all the time. This is the same best friend I always talk about, she was raised in the org too. She would meet me at a church (!gasp!) and we would go get beer and cigarettes and hang out by the river all day. We never got caught.

    I really think had I been given a little freedom to be a freakin' kid, all the bad things wouldn't have looked so attractive.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    You guys have balls. I alwasy thought that 99.99% of the dubs were just like me true believers and always afraid of offending jehovah.

    I was constantly chaperoned and constantly accused of sneaking around. How could I? I was never alone!

    I recall in the early 90's a prominant elder in our hall telling us how, when he was a teenager, him and his girlfriend were

    accused of fornication, and brought before the elders.

    While the elders were deliberating, he and his girl did it in the car in the parking lot.

    I wasn't so surprised by the story, what really surprised me was the way he told it, he was bragging about it!

    Just another item added to my cognitive dissonance list.....

  • *Incubus

    Wow.I was really awful.I never got caught though!

    Snuck out frequently to go clubbing.

    Went to the movies and claimed time(I was pioneering!)

    Started drinking,Mom usually had a stocked liquor cabinet.I really liked a couple shots of vodka before meetings.

    And I discovered Dads medicine cabinet.Lortab,percocet,valium,Oh My!

    Started doing acid with a dub buddy at "sleepovers".

    The worst is probably when I ate a quarter of shrooms at an assembly.I had 4 or 5 differen coloured pens.I used them to create an intricate pattern of "notes".

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    When I just turned 19 a friend and myself decided to move out into are own apartment, he had a steady girlfriend that he was seeing he was already having

    crazy sex with her whenever she came over, eventually I started dating his cousin after being introduced after a dinner party we held. Before long during certain nights both

    bedrooms were a hopping and a jumping . One Saturday night again the girls came over again and the usual fun times occurred, I had to drive my girlfriend home that evening ,

    and not realizing how late it had become, it must have been @ 2 o'clock in the morning when we finally arrived back at her parents house. I told her that I had to use the bathroom

    at her place and that a would sneak back inside with her quietly through the back door. Well all was going to plan after using the bathroom I went into her bedroom to say good night

    and talk a little about what we were going to do in the next couple of days when we unintentionally both fell asleep. The following morning her father , the PO of her congregation, knocks

    and opens the door to her bedroom to find both of us sprawled on her bed sleeping with are cloths on. The shocking look on her fathers face was priceless and he told us to get up and meet

    him upstairs immediately. Well after a long lecture on improper conduct , we both insisted that we didn't do anything and that we simply fell asleep talking, he sort of bought it and I quickly

    said goodbye and left. I remember retuning home that morning and thinking to myself how close that was to getting caught with my pants up !

  • Hope4Others

    Yes, I took my dad's convertible it was beautiful just had my license the parents were a way. So I went on a little road trip when

    I got back I pulled into the driveway and hit the garage door and broke a few slats on the front. I was sick what was I gonna say????

    So I said that I wanted to clean it really good for him as a surprise and had accidentally hit drive instead of reverse when moving it. Thank god

    there was damage to the prized car.

    HE Bought It !!!!!!!!!!


  • flipper

    DINAH- I agree with you that if we as witness teenagers had been given more freedom to be kids - the bad things wouldn't have looked as attractive to us ! It sounds like you had fun with your friends hanging out at the river all day though ! Probably got lots of drinking and swimming in I bet.

    ASPHEREISNOTACIRCLE- I was chaperoned also Sphere , when with my witness girlfriend. But the occasional times I was not chaperoned I took advantage of the situation ! LOL! That is hilarious the story the elder told you of him and his girlfriend boinking in the KH parking lot . That's funny ! Talk about having balls - quite literally ! Balls a flyin!

    INCUBUS- I bet those shots of Vodka helped you get through the meetings easier, eh? LOL! You got in your Dad's medicine cabinet, took acid with a friend, and ate mushrooms at an assembly ? Wow! You were a bad little girl ! Be glad you are alive to tell the story !

    HOMEROVAH- What a scary situation to find yourself in- her P.O. Dad walking in on you and her laying on her bed all night ! If you were able to sell that story to him - you really are a slight of hand artist ! LOL!

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- Another slight of hand artist ! Your dad bought your story ? Lucky girl you were at that ! I bet it was awhile before you went on more road trips though ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Layla33

    Oh I remember my first "worldly" boyfriend, did I sneak around? I can remember countless times putting the phone on hold or hiding the phone when everyone was sleep and they would sneak up to catch me. I skipped school my last year, and I would spend the whole day with my then boyfriend.

  • Alpaca

    Oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy...have I got stories to tell...

    But, you guys need to know that prospective employers data-mine these kinds of sites for information about applicants.

    I gotta tell ya' that I would love to share some of the really crazy shit that I did but it will have to be at an apostafest when we're face to face.



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