As a Witness Teenager - Did you Sneak Around ? Comical / Serious tales !

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  • flipper

    As you all know I was raised in a very prominent witness family in California . Dad was , and still is an elder since 1953 ! In my youth in the 1970's I did my share of sneaking around / yes, although being an elders son! What a shock ! LOL! We were some of the worst ! Don't get me wrong , I was really trying to be a good example( being an elders son and all) - but raging hormones just about drive a young witness man insane ! So, here are a couple short sordid stories ! My confession time ! LOL!

    Being as I was an elders son- I had access to some really good remote rural territory ! Perfect for making out with my " spiritual " girlfriend at the time ! Privilege has it's opportunities , and when opportunity knocks - I answered ! We would make sure others got assigned to door to door work , then at 17 years old, girlfriend was 16 , we said, " Oh! We have return visits we need to make, and go work rural territory . Needless to say counting time was much more enjoyable when making out with the opposite sex ! But we never went " all the way". Just everything else ! LOL!

    Another time I tried to sneak to see this same girlfriend when she was babysitting for a sister! I went on my lunch break from school. My then girlfriend got nervous about me being there and falsely said, " Oh my god ! The sister is here ! You have to leave ! " Not wanting to be seen out the in the front yard- I made a mad dash out in the back yard and jumped the neighbors fence landing in their back yard! A huge German Shepherd dog barked and ran up to me teeth gnarling ! An older man came out his back door and yelled at me, " Who the hell are you ?" I quickly said a fictitious name ! I'm John Snodgrass or something and he asked, " What do are you doing here? You'd better be glad I didn't pull my rifle out on you kid ! " I tried faking insanity. I said, " I was looking for some people I thought lived in this neighborhood . Their names are the Johnson's, do you know them ?" He said, " I've never heard of them. Get out of here before I call the police ! " Needless to say this little witness boy never tried THAT again ! LOL! My friends at school about died laughing after I told them . What a close call.

    So, I'd like to hear all your sordid tales of sex, lust, sneaking, drinking, and comedy of errors which happened when you were teenagers ! It's easy to laugh now at the craziness of our youth now - but then it was the biggest thing in the world happening to us ! This should be fun ! As always I look forward to your tales of woeful, destructive craziness of youth ! Sit back and enjoy ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Oh yeah, my brother and I used to sneak around all the time! lol Oh the parties and bars we went to, both underage. My brother and I would climb out his bedroom window, walk across the garage roof, and shimmy down. Then memario would pick us up with some other friends and off to the club/bar or bush parties. Good times for sure!! There were several "make out" places we always used


  • oompa

    In high school disco was the rage...I would put my dance clothes in my guitar case and walk out of the house to my WORLDLY friends, change, and go boogie....and before that, always kept a ladder at my window whenever me or my sister had friends over for the night. This helped me develop quite a good foosball game at a local hangout, and honed my backgammon skills at the discos...........oompa

  • flipper

    BUMBLE BEE- Sounds like you guys had fun as teenagers. Sneaking out to bars and all ! Funny stuff !

    OOMPA- I can just see you dancing and boogying ! LOL! Hilarious ! I think a lot of teenagers kept ladders at their windows ! So you would go " get down " at the disco ? Cool! I couldn't sneak out like that with an elder for a father. No- I just got away from him in service to do my personal study on, or with my girlfriend ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Currientology

    Got caught (heavy petting) in bed with my now ex-JW wife by her serious JW mother.
    Fortunately (or un)... I was judged to be too drunk to be kicked out of the house at the time.

  • avishai

    Sneaking out as a JW at night SUCKED big time. Can't count the number of time's I wanted to go in 7-11 and couldn't because of stupid Elder janitor bob, or pioneer sister carpet cleaner @ the local 24 hour coffee joint.

  • JK666

    I wasn't the elder's kid, but my best friend was. He had the idea that we should go shoot pool at a strip club. I was kind of freaked out, and asked: What if an elder saw us? His response was that the elder would be in more trouble than we would if he were there.

    Good point, so I went with him. Very educational at the time!


  • lisavegas420

    The year is 1979, I got on the school bus, in front of my house, both parents home seeing me leave, rode to school, went in the back doors where the bus dropped us off. Walked to my locker, smiling and waving to my friends, walked out the front door and into my worldly boyfriends little yellow MGB. We went to his house...did stuff all day..he drove me back last period of the day. Dropped me off out front, and I went to my locker, smiling and waving along the way. Went back out the back door and on to the bus. Our high school year book, we could leave a memorial for upcoming freshmen. mine says, "I leave my ablity to skip class and not get caught."

    I did this at least 3 times a week. Never did get caught.........oh wait, that's not entirely true. I did kinda get caught..... A year later, I had a baby girl. I confessed my pregnancy to an elder and told him not to tell my parents, (he didn't) I ran off and got married to the boyfriend. I told the elder we only did it one time, I think he felt bad for me, he and his wife threw me a baby shower and I wasn't df'd...that time.


  • Fadeout

    Ha, youse guys were such pagans!

    I was one of the "good" ones who would not have hung out with you.

    I am thinking hard but I can't remember sneaking around for anything. I don't think I ever did.

  • MissingLink

    Would climb out the window and down the drain pipe. Getting up was quite tricky. Parents never had a clue. Or we'd do the old "I'm staying over Jim's house" and he'd say "I'm staying over MissingLinks' house" and we'd go to an all-night party together. Not too much trouble though - just drinking a few beers and having a laugh.

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