Is this really a J-Dub rule???

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  • oompa

    superman, you sure your coming clean here? you didn't touch a little nippy did you???................oompa

    you may need to go to the elders

  • Junction-Guy

    Wow this Cult is even more crazier than I remember.

  • yknot

    NOPE....(that was what I was told when I just texted my BS Eldum....unless the texting was 'inappropriate' and not just being polite)

    If the Eldums get involved so what......tell them she ask for your number, she texted, you were being polite (act surprised that someone would be so forward to assume such a relationship with someone she hardly knows). As for dating tell them when you decide to date someone it surely won't be the girl who is initiating.... (sexist Eldums will immediately side with you for her acting so foward and "independent") End with something along the lines of not thinking about a relationship when the end is so near and so much more still needs to be done or some other quote to the effect from a recent WT.

    For most part she is the one who looks like a fool .......

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    That B!TCH ca-razy. There is no such rule. Thing is if she wants to take you to the elders for leading her on, they can make it hard on you. If she lets loose with the tears and waterworks, elders are suckers for a girl in distress.

    I knew of one sister who got 3 brothers in trouble. She would give up the goods and than try and get the bro's to marry her. when they refused she would tell the elders on them. In the back room she let the tears fall and the elders take it out on the brother's. Sadly it wasn't until she did this to 3 dudes that the idiots finally wised up to her act.

  • JeffT

    In 1973, before I was even baptized, I had a seventeen year old pioneer chasing me around (I was 22). She hinted to some of the other women in the congregation that we had something going. I managed to let her down with out causing too big a problem. Years later when I saw "Sleepless in Seattle" I was reminded of her:

    Tom Hanks to his son: "Have you seen 'Fatal Attraction?' While I have! It scared the $hit out of every man in America!"

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Let her go and stir things up, and you can provide phone records to show that she originated most of the calls (I'm assuming from the way you described things that this is the case). Then you can point out that any interest you originally might have had was turned off when you recognized her creepy stalking behaviour, and that you view her complaint to the elders as a further effort to control you. The part about putting Kingdom interessts first is good, and you should use that also.

    She is the kind of chick that the WATCHTOWER described this way:

    • How can girls guard against temptation in this sex-crazy world?

    When a girl reaches the age of puberty or physical maturity, her body has developed in the matter of sex more than in the mind. Young folks like to be together, first in groups, later in twos. If they have not been instructed by their parents in regard to the matter of sex, a boy and a girl are likely to become too familiar and to engage in what is popularly called petting or necking. They may practice this for a time and see no bad results. However, the time will come when there will be great danger in such actions. Why? In answer to this question, we can learn about nature and sex from the bovine family of mammals, both wild and tame.

    Large herds of cattle, both male and female, wander over the plains feeding. Ordinarily the male or bull would not think of approaching the female or cow for sex purposes. If he did approach he would not receive a hearty welcome, but, rather, he might be gored by the cow’s horns. There is no petting or sex relations between bull and cow permitted, because the female is not in physical condition to breed. The bull seems to understand this and keeps in his own place. However, when the female of the species is in condition to breed, she makes the matter known. If there is no male in the herd, she will go elsewhere looking for one and she is unsettled until she finds one and then is bred by him. Now she is contented, and the end result is a calf. In this connection it is interesting to note that the male animal has no season at which he is not willing to engage in the breeding act.

    If we humans would take a lesson from these creatures, we would learn something of importance in matters of sex, as to its purpose and the results of its operation.

    As with a cow, when a young girl who has reached her puberty is in physical condition to conceive and become pregnant, her sex emotions are greatly aroused. If she has association with a boy, she is inclined to think that it is the sweetness of the “boy friend” that causes this delightful and new feeling, and so she becomes infatuated with him. If the boy friend should become sexually aroused and lets her know it and then she yields her body to the advances of the amorous boy friend, she is likely to become pregnant as a result of just one sex experience of this kind.

    Some persons foolishly think that they know when it is “safe” to have sex contact with those of the opposite sex and thus avoid becoming pregnant, but this is a serious mistake on their part. Even learned biologists do not know exactly when there is no danger of conception for a woman. This is due to certain irregularities in the case of various females.

    When the ovum, that is, the egg cell from which the baby starts, is at large or is on its way from the woman’s ovary through her Fallopian tube to the uterus, there it remains for an uncertain length of time, which varies greatly with different females. Then is the time when conception can take place if the ovum is met by a male life sperm. During that same time the female is sexually aroused and is ready for the sex act that at this time will cause a baby to result. This bearing of children is the sole privilege of the female. In fact, this is one main reason for creating the female of the human species.

    There are cases where a girl became pregnant as a result of one sex interview with a boy. What a price for a girl, a virgin, to pay for a few minutes of satisfied sex emotions! When persons start in this dangerous and sinful course, they find it hard to overcome future temptations. When a young, unmarried girl falls to the temptation, the price she pays is terrible: shame, sorrow, a ruined reputation, endless troubles, with the danger of being disfellowshiped from a congregation if the girl is a dedicated member. It is high time for girls to understand the make-up of their bodies and its functions, especially with regard to sex. Then if a girl understandingly takes care of herself while the ovum is at large and is causing sex disturbance and cravings within her, she will be able to act like a true lady of irreproachable morals at all times. She will avoid the violating of her virginity and the shame and conscience-stricken state due to this; and wisely she will direct her young life so as to end up in the position of a clean, happy wife and mother of legitimate children, journeying to the new world of righteousness, where there will be no sex problems amid a sex-crazy population. -- The WATCHTOWER, December 15, 1961, pages 767, 768, "Questions From Readers"

    Could those guys WRITE, or what?

    So... was she a cow-girl driven by hormone-fueled lust?

  • Junction-Guy

    Mooooooooo LOL

  • dinah


    I read that article a couple of years ago. It gave me mad cow disease.

    They always portray women as over-sexed vixens. And the guy is always just beguiled and lead along by his "member". I wish they would just GROW UP.

    I bet if you go to the GB's room you'd find lots of KY. (and probably some barely legal boys).

    Who else could write this kind of crap unless they are a PERVERT.

  • AudeSapere

    I think it's an unwritten code in many areas. No sitting together at meetings, no working in service together and NO TEXTING unless you have marriage in mind. Boys in the front seat, girls in the back seat.

    Witness girls (and guys) get so screwed up in their thinking from the weirdos in Brooklyn that the slightest bit of attention can evoke wild dreams of imagined commitment.

    Social retards is what we are were.


  • SnakesInTheTower



    Social retards is what we are were.

    it sure screwed me up. It was (and probably still is) the rule in my neck of the woods.... in my area it was impossible to find a sister because they usually were married by age 19 (and that was old).... the only ones left were the SuperDubPionnerWaitingUntilAfterArmageddonSister...or the pscyhos sisters that everyone would not touch with a 10-ft pole (LOL)... one would have to wait for a divorce or a death of a Married Brother to find a sister close to one's own age to get married if one waited too long...

    I remember one SDPWUAAS (see above)....her name was K (for sake of discussion). K and I were good friends...pioneered together....K is a few years older...not much...had long conversations on the phone, in the car, socially, etc.... but it was not socially acceptable among K's peer group to date me....(those who know me probably understand...) she had to claim she was not interested....though I know better now..... I did not meet her peer's criteria....despite my being a so-called SuperTheocraticPioneerElder headed to CO status within a few years brother.... dunno...crazy..... yet K often said she wants to get married (in this "System")...yet K's actions belie her words.... K will grow old and die in this system...because there is no fu$k*ng "NEW" sad really....K still is nice looking and fit and smart (except for being a dub) and she could land any nice guy in the world....

    bet she would be shocked ...SHOCKED to know I am on an apostate board...LOL...

    Who was acceptable to the brothers for me to date? Let's see.... a severely depressed extremely overweight divorced sister with 2 kids.... OR....a single bipolar sister who lost custody of her kid because she is nuts.... OR a 50 year old sister who is actually nice but I wasnt interested in.....(age was not the factor here)... never a nice sister my age who was not pscyho....but if I started talking to someone that the BOE did not consider "acceptable"....they would literally (by way of their wives) sabotage the shit.... for me...being Post has been a new experience...I kinda feel bad for the first 2 women I went out on dates with (both have ditched me after 2 dates.....LOL).... they were my guinea

    Snakes ()

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