Catie Couric falls on her smug ass...yay!

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    PS Ancient history note to Hillary Step, I also had an encounter with George Maharis. He and Martin Milner were shooting an episode of Route 66 when I went by very slowly in a traffic jam caused by the film crew at Hollywood and Vine. They were sitting in the Corvette waiting and I said hello as our car crept by them 3 feet away, he was very cordial and relaxed.

    Route 66. Now that takes me back a few! I love the theme music by Nelson Riddle, the perfect balance of swing and latent urgency.

    Milner was rather stiff.

    'Nuff said.


  • Hope4Others
    Although Couric sits in last place in the ratings of the Big Three, she earns a reported $15 million a year. [ABC's Charles] Gibson, in second place, clocks in at a reported $7 million. NBC's [Brian] Williams, who sits atop the ratings, reportedly makes $4 million per year.

    I don't think she will really need to worry too much about finding a job right away. Hope she's been saving her pennies.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I don't often watch the evening news - too canned for me. But on the occasions I saw her, I didn't have any negative opinions of the way she did her thing. At least she's not another Dan Rather - now that was one pathetic news anchor!


  • Hope4Others
    Dan Rather - now that was one pathetic news anchor!


    That's disappointing I rather loved him!

    he he


  • RubaDub

    Personally, I like Katie Couric ... in fact, alot.

    However, when moving to CBS, they destroyed so much of what made her so popular.

    The way they dress her, the dim lighting, the set, and even the introduction to the show ... "The CBS Evening News with Catie Couric" is a voice-over by someone who sounds like he is giving a funeral oratory.

    I was expecting a techo, high intensity intro to the broadcast, showing her in various angles and poses with her looking into the camera like she's in charge. Instead, the opening sets the tone of the show as a retread 1960's news broadcast ... definitely not something that will attract people in this high-tech internet driven age. There is absolutely no enegy on the show. It's so sad.

    And even I, someone who watched Katie every morning, has switched to NBC with Brian Williams.

    It's just sad what CBS has done to her.

    Rub a Dub

  • BFD

    I've seen pictures of up her smug ass.

    I always liked her, too. CBS Evening News wasn't a good fit for her. I switched to watching Brian Williams after NBC aired the pedophile coverage.


  • SirNose586
    Let's hope they replace her with Robin Meade. Ratings through the roof, guaranteed. She's almost enough to make me believe in God again.

    Great clip. Well, as I understand, CBS's news didn't nab the top spot in ratings even before she came aboard....

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