How was your personal experience with the JW's brand of LUV?

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  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Same conditional...can't say anyone really made much of an effort. They knew I was never going to take.

  • Honesty
    How did you go about telling people about the UN thing? "Did you know the Society was an NGO?"?

    1. Asked them if they have internet access. Most do.

    2. Without telling them what it was about I just gave them the link to the UNITED NATIONS website with the letter from the UN regarding the Watchtower Society and asked them if they could verify some information I had found on the UN's website that might affect the truth.

    3. Stepped back, grabbed a bag of popcorn and a coke and watched the various reactions.

    The reactions were...

    Surprised (5%)

    Confused (5%)

    Angry at me for giving them an apostate link (90%)

    The 90% group wasted no time in applying 'Biblical' principles.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I found it to be conditional, hypocritical, and bogus at times.


    Total luv if you're a seperated pregnant study with 2 little kids. love bombing, support, invites, gifts and everyone wants a piece of you! especially when the CO visits. 6 months divorced and very single, not pregnant, slim, popular with the brothers and am a friendly, hospiable study.......not so much love from the sisters. less invites and chats after the meeting but still looking like there's love when the CO visits. 12 months heading towards dedication, not so shy and more confident in the jw practices, popular with the single young crowd, brothers expressing interest, slimmer still.................sisters bitching after the meeting, no invites to married sisters' homes, criticism of clothes and conduct, and suggestions that a 30 yr old single woman is only interested in becoming a jw to find a man to marry and have sex! (as if).........NOT FEELIN' THE LOVE AT ALL NOW!.........oh, unless the CO is visiting! Straight after baptism............sisters go to elders complaining that my baptism t-shirt and leggins were too fitted when wet, i am too friendly, i'm a flirt, i keep young ones up late on a saturday so they are tired at sunday meetings, that i'm a bad example to the young sisters, i'm a sex maniac, etc, i feel that if we were in the old days they would have stoned me while still wet behind the ears!!!!!!!!!! but not if the CO was visiting. Then when my child was sexually abused by a JW, I was Df'ed to shut me up, my entire family was shunned while the pedo's family got all the love and support...............except when the CO visited. That's my honest experience of the JW brand of luv! thank goodness i can laugh now. cheers, bliss

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    It was a very cold environment for me and other then young people even when I was an active JW, a handful of people were nice but most had closed unemotional hearts more or less as the rest of society. Plus they had all the demands and burdens of the JW society.

    All in all this is a society without any true religious or cultural foundation, day by day it is the negative unhealthy emotion of the fear of god and armageddon that keeps them going.

    The need to develop good loving christian personalities and society has been completely lost on them and all the emphasis is on preaching, just to bring in more people into an unloving oppressive environment most of whom will eventully leave and get damned by them as apostates and enemies of jehovah.

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  • Honesty

    One word is worth more than a thousand Watchtower magazines.

  • oompa
    Honesty: The 90% group wasted no time in applying 'Biblical' principles.

    First, I had more luv than not...really. But curious about what you did with the UN info....Did anything bad happen, like DF for apostacy? If so, how?...all you did was inform people of a WT Truth....much like I did when telling friends WT changed the Bible in the NWT without manuscript support. I can't even think of what principle the 90% would have used to shun you.................................oompa

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    Damn Oompa.....You're good!


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