Shropshire Star news editor examines issues behind death of JW Emma Gough

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  • sf

    There is a huge difference in letting someone control you and having something forced upon you. It seems like the majority of people here refuse to except personal accountability when it comes to doing what the WTS dictated or following it's every whim. Adults and the key word here is adults are not physically forced to follow the society. They had just as much chance as anyone else (especially this day and age) to look in to the society and see it for what it is.

    And until the active jws, whether they are attending meetings, or door to door work or not, actually stand up and STATE what they KNOW to be the truth among the lies, nothing will EVER change.

    Take what you NOW KNOW and tell it to those that NEED to hear it. If you can't seem to do this then you are denying those forgotten children the right to a healthy, happy and SAFE life.

    It is time people, to get off the pity pot and do the right thing.

    Burger, I feel about this issue the exact same way you do: there is no longer ANY excuse to not be stating what you now know, in order to SAVE LIVES. aLL THE LAME EXCUSES IN THIS WORLD AREN'T GOING TO HELP ONE ENTRAPPED JW CHILD. (damn capslock)

    Keep it going Burger. Happy trails.

    {{{{{{{{{ johhny, my love}}}}}}}}}


  • Qcmbr

    Does anyone have the case details for this - JWs at my door claimed that the case found in favour of Gough family and Shrewsbury hospital lost after admitting' no-one knew how to operate the life saving equipment'! Would like to verify court findings and outcome. Thanks.

  • cantleave
  • Qcmbr

    Thanks - I'm seeing if I can find the court outcome as well - I want to find out if they did find against the hospital. This is very useful though because I can at least correct her lazy assertion that no one in the hospital knew how to run the life saving equipment (potentially noone knew how to run the blood recycling kit).

  • BroMac

    Richard Daniels - the jw barrister? full time wt barrister from the Norwich area?

  • dozy

    The inquest found that she would "probably" have survived if a blood transfusion had been given.

    No mention of any negligence lawsuit. I doubt any lawyer would take this one on , even on a no win no fee basis.

    I just wish JWs would be honest enough to accept that sometimes people die because of their refusal to accept blood transfusions. They always seem to have to blame the hospitals and medical staff. Sad.

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