What is the best way to deal with the IRS?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I will only give limited details - but let me rant a little.

    Wifey and I have been raising our grandkids for almost four years now. Except for a short period of time in 2005, during which time one of them lived for 8 or 10 months with her father, they have all three lived here. We have paid all the bills, child care, tuitions, insurance, food, clothing, shelter.... on and on. You get the picture.

    Then, a month ago, a letter from the IRS attempting to deny our exemptions for the kids for 2006, and requesting a check for $4800 too.

    I responded within the allotted 30 days with a detailed letter and copies of the legal custody of the kids. Today, the decision arrives. Denial of the exemptions for them, and a request for a check for $4800 again. Now we have 90 days to file in IRS court to change the ruling.

    We have done everything correctly - filed taxes legally - and yet we are now being bound to be 'guilty until we prove ourselves innocent'. I am at my wits end in this matter. I am going to contact the local IRS office and arrange a meeting if I can - I will file the demanded appeals of course -

    But I am furious! The matter is so absolutely cut and dried that I cannot believe we are even being questioned, let alone being denied all three exemptions without cause. No wonder they have obtained the nickname as American Gestapo.

    Sorry for the rant.


  • crazyblondeb

    I have had the same problem, only with my own daughter!!

    If u figure out a good way, let me know. I lost all my appeals.....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am currently on the phone with the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Office.

    These people are IRS employees also - so I don't know if it will help me - but nothing ventured nothing gained I suppose.


  • AudeSapere

    Is this because their parent(s) filed first and claimed the kids as dependents before you did??


  • ex-nj-jw
    Is this because their parent(s) filed first and claimed the kids as dependents before you did??

    My thoughts exactly!


  • Galileo

    Get an accountant that specializes in dealing with audits. It will cost you a little, but well worth it.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Is this because their parent(s) filed first and claimed the kids as dependents before you did??

    It is possible. I don't know that for a fact though. Two of them were on my 2005 - no problem. The youngest has never lived anywhere else in his life. The oldest has been here continually. Neither the youngest or oldest have dad in the picture at all. The middle one does have dad in her life sometimes - but has lived here almost continually except 2005 [6 or 8 months with dad that year and we did not file for her exemption that year]. Mom was incarcerated until last fall. Perhaps she tried to file ammended returns now that she is out - of that I don't know. She has not had these kids in her home since June 2004. [She hasn't had a home since June 2004 and before.]

    Could be - we think it is likely that one of the parents has tried to file for one or more of the kids and that flagged us. But we were never told if they did this.


  • MeneMene

    I worked for the feds in an Ombudsman's office where we handled/processed complaints from consumers. (not IRS related)

    The complaints we received that were sent through Congressional offices got special treatment.

    In addition to speaking with the Taxpayer Advocate Office, I would suggest that you file complaints with your Congressional representatives. They have had hearings in the past about what IRS is doing to citizens. I think that is how the Advocate office got started. Congress needs to know what IRS agents are doing to us.

  • restrangled

    Jeff were you able to contact the employee who made the decision? There is usually a contact phone number. We have had letters sent to us claiming they never received our tax forms etc., I called, mailed everything I should have and would get another letter claiming we owed money and forms.

    This has happened twice. The problem is they have a very antiquated computer system and information is not always available between different parties in different areas of the U.S. So letters just keep getting sent automatically. Could this have happened in your case?

    They have actually lost our tax returns for 5 different years. Talk about panic!

    Good luck!


  • NewYork44M

    Don't panic. I have worked with the IRS on similar situations. If you are following their guidance and have proof, you have very little to worry about. It sounds like it is cut and dry that you get the exemption.

    Is it possible the either of the children's parents filed using the kids as an dependent? That may be the root of the problem.

    If you need a CPA review, let me know and I will be more than happy to help out.

    newyork44m, CPA

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