After I bought gas today . . .

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  • Hope4Others

    Just be glad you are not a Jehovah's Witless out in field circus. Well Wtwizzard I used to spend 150.00 a month in service back in the late 80's for gas. I'm too tired to try to figure it out. But we are now at $1.12 per litre x 4.5 litres per gallon.=$5.04 per gallon. P.S. Did I say I hate Firefox,I can highlight, can't paragraph, can't double space on this computer.

  • greendawn

    BFD, life is getting always dearer but petrol for you is less than half price compared to the UK. Now for a driver that fills up say with 40L per week the tax paid is £26.40 and over a year it becomes £1372 = $2744 which is a lot of money.

    And 20 cigarettes cost typically £5.50 and out of that £4.22 is tax. Someone smoking 20 per day will pay £1540 of cigarette tax in a year.

    It's a country that likes taxing heavily.

  • R.Crusoe

    Whats with the ad on this page saying you can double your mpg with secret technology?

    Sounds like a scam to me - anyone know about it?

  • mouthy


    That picture is hilarious

    $1.10 here But shouldnt we be greatful we can buy it, have a car, can use it, Blessings indeed ( Guess I am sounding like realone

  • PEC


    No mouthy, you could never sound like realone.


  • NewYork44M

    I gave up my car six months ago when I moved back to NYC. I figure I save over $200 per month just on gas not to mention car payments, insurance, and maintenance. Also, if I had a car in Manhattan I would pay at least $350 per month for parking.

    The added benefit is that I walk a lot more.

  • mouthy

    No mouthy, you could never sound like realone.


    Oh Philip What a nice thing to say.Thanks

  • potentialJWconvertswife

    R.Crusoe- A myth busters episode recently ran a diesel car on recycled kitchen oil. Yep, went to a fast food place, strained out some of their used oil and the car ran fine. Now that's an alternative fuel the industry really doesn't want to get out! -Potential

  • JoyNichols

    I'm fixing my bike.

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