Did YOU "Do More!" & Yet Feel Worse?

by minimus 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Honesty

    A Pioneer sister was interviewed during a DC.

    She had been getting in Pioneer hours since BEFORE she was baptized.

    As soon as she 'qualified' she was 'appointed' as a Pioneer.

    She was all excited and happy during the interview.

    The Watchtower Society accomplished their goal by keeping her so busy 'preaching' their Good News of armageddon that she didn't take the time to really research the organization she is so devoted to.

  • sh4m3sh4m3

    Haha! Ya. Me and the Mr. and my three kids pioneered for about 6 months. No easy task. My husband quit his job to do it. We practically starved the last month and right after that- literally a month later, is when we started doubting what we were teaching other people. I think everyone is has no idea what happened to us. Hell, we don't even know what happened. It's just not enough.

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