What's Wrong With Children's Sports?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex


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  • BrentR

    That's what I was afraid of.

  • potleg

    The thing that's wrong with childrens sports is the kids will actually enjoy themselves and feel normal. Well, we can't have that. Children must be made to sit still and be quiet through endless, mind withering, spirit sapping meetings and then if that's not enough, be made to stand out as different at school.

    The iron rod in the iron fist, that's what kids need, never mind fun, humbug, besides jesus never played soccer and the bible doesn't mention baseball...it's not in the bible for a reason, you know.

    Face it...The Governing body doesn't like fun...Birthdays,Out - Christmas, No - Valentines, Are you kidding. Sports? I'm surprised you even asked, spirit of competition = Devil worship.

  • BrentR

    There is a very high risk that they may grow up normal and well adjusted to fit in with society. Imagine the horror.

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